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No Complaining Here!

So we’ve had our 2nd snow storm/blizzard in a matter of a week.  This is certainly a foreign concept to us “southerners” and there’s a WHOLE lot of complaining going on…..but not from me!

I’ve always liked snow….wished we had more of it…..have always said that if it’s going to be cold…there had better be snow to go along with it!  Well, I guess I got my wish.  Not only have we had a lot of snow but the temps have been around below freezing an with the wind chill index it’s been below zero….VERY cold for us Southern folk!


We got a lot less snow than they had first predicted but it came in around daylight so all the schools canceled last night in preparation for the 12 inches that was predicted.  We missed a bullet and Kansas got the brunt of the snow and we just got a few inches.

It’s light and fluffy and dry.  No snowmen or snowball fights!

But it’s also beautiful.  God’s way of making winter pretty around here…a break from all the brown and gray!



Mother nature is creating more artwork….




……and who knows if we’ll miss school again tomorrow!  But I’m not complaining!

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Yes, it has become an annual event that we either get ice or blizzard in January and miss several days of school!  2011 was not going to be left out of this party so yesterday we received about 12″ of snow (but who really knows since all it did was blow around into giant, albeit beautiful, piles!

Here’s a timeline…sort of…..

This is about 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning…

Outside my front door (the garden ornament at the end of the house is about 2.5 feet tall….to give you some perspective) during the thick of the blizzard

Out the backdoor (same time)

Mother Nature’s Artwork on my window

But here’s what we did all warm and snug inside:

(please notice the Elroy’s point toes….dreaming of being a dancer?!?!?!?!)

While I was knitting on the couch….Goldie sat in my lap and bathed…Here’s her action shot!

Here it is about noon on Tuesday as the storm is nearing it’s end (at least for snow…winds howled all day!)

Later in the evening…outside my garage door!

Yes….that’s a 13″ snowdrift I have to dig out before I can get my car out!

and…..This morning, Wednesday, about 8 a.m.

Elroy snuck out and tested the snow… He didn’t like it  much..

But yes….That’s SUNSHINE!!!  …. even if it was 3 degrees outside!  BRRRRRR………

Another visitor…..very cold and brave…..I wish I had some food to give him!

So….another day at home….wonder what I’ll do today?

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Where’s Noah?

Well….I guess my hail battered roof will not be replaced today….

Nor will I get new gutters that aren’t plugged….

but I may have to start building another ark….

It’s been SO hot and dry the last few weeks and now it has been raining BUCKETS of rain for hours.  They say we have gotten around 7+” of rain in the last 4 hours.  No sign of it letting up for at least another 4 hours…..like I said…..ARK!!!!!  Traffic is horrible and I have shopping to do!

But I’ll enjoy the rain today….I LOVE rain!

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Earlier today (this is still Monday) I came from the garage into the kitchen and heard this funny sound.  I went to the front door and this is what I found:

There is no sound more soothing, calming, or refreshing after several weeks of heat and drought.  I even have my windows open to LET IN the COOL air…….unheard of in July in Oklahoma

Yes, these are REAL raindrops in the garden

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Is it Spring yet?

Several days ago, our meteorologists started warning us about a HUGE record breaking snowstorm headed our way on Friday evening and Saturday.  They even taunted us with the possibility of 6+ inches of snow.  So everyone in town prepared for the worst……Bought extra groceries (I know this because I made the mistake of going to the grocery store on Thursday evening), canceled events, you name it.

This is what we got here where I live….

The timing for all this is rather unfortunate because everything has started blooming and budding out.  I just hope everything keeps it’s blooms.

We got a lot more rain that snow which all in all is a good thing.  We have been in a drought and I was worried for our farmers.  I hope this keeps their crops going and producing better.

To be fair, part of our state got 24+ inches of snow in a matter of 24 hours (or less) which for us is REALLY significant.  I just wish we had gotten a little more so that it would look like a winter wonderland for a few hours.

The kicker……Today is in the mid 60s and tomorrow will be 70+ degrees.  In Oklahoma, we say “If you don’t like the weather in OK, wait a day/hour/few mintues!”

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It has been incredibly windy for over a week now. I took some short videos of my trees in the wind to show you how windy it actually is. This also gave me a chance to play with my video maker software and avoid the long list of things I need to get done this summer.

Let me warn you that this video is very corny and my poetry skills are about like a 3rd grader. My friend Bonnie is the grand poet. So don’t judge my intelligence on this video. I’m hoping to make videos of stuff for school next year so I’m taking the time to learn this summer.

So here goes my first video.

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About the only thing newsworthy right now is the weather. (desperate times calls for desperate postings!)
Gary England is the iconic meteorologist here in Oklahoma. He just loves a good storm. (to his credit he has been in the middle of some of the radar development for forecasting tornadic weather. We are thankful for his efforts.)

This week’s forecast looks like this: (thanks to news9.com)

Yesterday it was nearly 60 degress and tomorrow it’s supposed to be snowing. No wonder my allergies are in such a state!

It’s always been said that if you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma…..wait 10 minutes.

Last weekend, it was 70 degrees on Sunday afternoon. Sunday evening we had tornadoes in and around Oklahoma City and Monday morning, parts of the state got up to 8 inches of snow. I think we officially went through 3 seasons in 24 hours.

BTW – this sort of turbulent weather makes the kids at school turbulent as well! I may need to ask my dr. for some valium to get me through the spring!

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