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Yes, once again it is our annual Valentine’s dinner…

The usual were in attendance…..

Pete and Lou

Bonnie and Dawn

Dawn (again…she’s not a twin…and that’s a good thing!) and Mom and Dad



Lou was very sweet and sent a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers..


I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures  of the meal but here is the  menu:

Rack of Lamb (SOOOOOO good)

Roasted Asparagus (my favorite)

Salad of my own creation:  Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and mozzarella cheese with Olive oil/basil/Italian dressing (was very good)

Cheese Biscuits (just like the ones at red lobster)

Plain old Mashed Potatoes made with red potatoes with the skins on and extra butter (great comfort food!)

I did, however, remember to take pics of the dessert as I was making it…

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Torte

Make a brownie-like cake.. (with 1 whole cup of cocoa!!!)

next ingredient…


yes, those are peanut butter cups and yes, you use all 10 of them!!!!!!



Elroy was supervising (and no…  my house is not on fire…it’s my humidifier)

Out of the oven…


put peanut butter between the layers…with peanut butter frosting and more chocolate on top and you have death by chocolate!  It was wonderful!


Elroy was trying to eat the flowers!


Elroy entertained us after dinner playing fetch….


Again, please?!?!?!


Dawn spent the night so we had breakfast the next morning….

Short Bacon… (ask Dawn!) and blueberry pancakes… (and you can see last’s night’s dessert in the background)



I’m not going to worry about counting the millions of calories I’ve enhaled this weekend….It’s Valentine’s day and they don’t count!


Thanks Pete, for the Valentine Heart filled with Hershey’s Kisses….and Bonnie for the DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookie and Dawn for the beautiful red mug and hot cocoa mix.


It was a wonderful evening with friends and family…..Thank you for coming!


p.s.  I’m not playing favorites with Elroy…Goldie likes to hide when I have company….she’s shy!


Happy Valentine’s Day!










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So Saturday was my annual Valentine’s dinner….

Here was the menu:

Blazy’s Pepperoni Studded Lasagna

( I used Emeril’s Sauce recipe)


turned into this:

OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS!!!!! (just sayin”)

With Green Bean Bundles


and store bought garlic bread  (I know I cheated but hey….can’t beat the best!)

For dessert was the incredible Lemon Cake

Cake Layers:

Layering the cake with:

Lemon Curd and lemon syrup:

Frosting and many more layers:

Finished cake (with ghetto piping done by me!)

and it was yummy too!

and take home gifts for the guests:

The dinner was great, the company was even better.  Another smashing success!

p.s.  realized after everyone left that I never took pictures of my guests…..sigh….oh well….We all had fun!  Thanks for coming, Pete, Mom, Dad, Bonnie and Dawn!

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Once Again the Valentine Day dinner was a Smash!  Here’s proof….

(I have linked recipes for those I got online)

Tomato Bouillon with homemade cheese crackers

Roast Chicken (Sorry……forgot to take pictures but trust me …..it was GREAT)

Corn Salad (again…..no picture)

Roasted Sweet Potatoes/red onion and herbs

Parmesan Rolls

a ‘hearty’ Blueberry Pie a la mode

and Great company

(Pete wants to make sure there was proof of the chocolates he bought for all the ladies and that he was present and participated in Valentine’s day.)

A grand time on a ‘Lovely” day.

p.s.  We chatted, we ate, we chatted some more and ate some more, then grunted at each other,  and everyone went home in a comatose state!

p.p.s.  Thanks Lou, for the wonderful surprise and the newest addition to my garden!  You are such a sweetheart!

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Each year, at Valentine’s week, I make a fancy dinner and invite, Pete, my Parents and other assorted friends. (This year’s dinner was postponed by a week due to inclement weather.) Going to a restaurant is always such a hassle and this is way more fun. We always have a good time and it gives me a chance to try new recipes and use my grandmother’s china.

This year it was attended by my friends, Dawn (the redhead), an actress at heart but a teacher by trade, Bonnie, (in the fancy green shirt), an elementary music teacher and editor extraordinaire, (she is the only reason I passed my national boards); My parents, Larry and Ora Mae, and of course Petey.

The table looked like this:

The center table piece was a Chrismtas gift from my sister who embroidered it. It is really beautiful.

The candles were a gift from my friend Jayma. She machine embroidered the fancy design and attached it to the candle. Needless to say, I didn’t burn them!

Pete did the honors of carving the meat.

My new recipe this year was the 6-layer Red Velvet Cake make completely from scratch (not one bit of cake mix or ready made frosting!)

I took these 6 pans of dough….

Made this lucious stack of cakes and cream cheese frosting

and ended up with this wonderful cake.

I don’t have the Martha Stewart touch so it didn’t turn out quite as pretty as the picture in the magazine but I was told it tasted great.

My mixer took a beating making the icing and I think there is still some sticky spots on my kitchen floor! I’m really glad I didn’t have to mix it by hand!

We had a wonderful evening. I just wish I had a bigger kitchen so I could invite more friends!

I’m already thinking about next year’s menu!

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Love is…..

Love is….

Having a sweetie pie!

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Love is…..

Love is….

Still getting valentines from some really sweet students. (sweets, for the sweet, from the sweet? probably went to far on that one!)


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Love is…..

Love is….

Having a friend give you a spit bath while you sleep!

Like it or not, my 2 dogs and cat sleep in my bed everynight. Lucy has just recently decided to share her bathing techniques with July. The video turned out much darker than the original. The big black blob with the red collar, being bathed, is July. She actually slept through the whole process!

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