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Sunday Recharge

Today was a great day……

Pete took me to breakfast at the Marine  Corp. League monthly breakfast.  It’s always the same food but always good.  A real treat.

After I got home I decided to take care of some long awaited projects…..So I blocked my Secret of the Stole 3.

First I had to weave in the few ends then give it a soak.

Then I stretched it out and let it dry.

Once it has been stretched the snowflake design is much easier to see.

The room I had it in had no natural light so the beads are a little hard to see.

I took it outside but it was pretty late in the day and the sun was almost down so once again the beads don’t show of very well.

It’s hard to show but the beads help the drape of the ‘fabric’ of the shawl. It’s quite beautiful if I say so myself! I’m pretty proud that I actually completed it!

As Pete was leaving I was looking at my garden and noticed I had a visitor…..

It was like the butterfly was posing for me…..

A beautiful contrast on the mums……

It was a great day!

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SOTS-iii Finished!

It is finished….the knitting is over……It is finished…… I’ll knit this no more! (recognized the gospel song? I do stuff like this to my students all the time…..they hate it too!)

Here it is:


I love it!

I still have to weave in the ends and block it. I have never blocked something like this so that will be a challenge in itself.

Someday this will make a beautiful gift for someone!

Thanks to the Knautical Knitter for a Beautiful pattern and thanks for her generosity!

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SOTS-iii clue 7

It has been another frantic, busy week so I didn’t get my clue finished until today and the deadline to post is midnight tonight.  I’m just making it!

It’s hard for me to believe that I am actually going to finish my first lace project.  As pretty  as it is like this, I can’t wait to see it blocked and the pattern is more visible.  Those ‘blobs’ are snowflakes, in case you are interested!

Just 2 more clues (I got a new one today) and I’ll be done!

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SOTS – iii Clue 4

OK, I just finished Clue #4 out of 9.  I’m pretty excited.  I have never made it this far in a mystery shawl/stole before now!  It is getting much easier, mainly, because I have become more comfortable with the stitch patterns.  I can’t wait to see it finished.

You can see the beads a little better in this shot.  It measures about 26 inches before blocking.  I’m looking forward to seeing the snowflake designs once it’s blocked.

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SOTSiii- Clue 2

With only a few hours before the next clue comes out, I finally finished clue #2.  It’s always at this point that I begin to have strong feelings about not finishing…….but this time I am determined.

Here it is with all it’s mistakes, and mishaps.  Because my needle cable is short, I can’t stretch it out far enough to show you the beautiful design.  It has snowflakes!

I’m beginning to see a trend in my knitting.  I get to the last couple of rows of a clue and get excited/tired/anxious and somehow drop a stitch.  Yes, I did it tonight at about 8:30 p.m.  I patched things up as best I could and will try to hide it when I do the next row.  So disappointing!

I’m sure veteran knitters would cringe at all my mistakes but I think I can live with them for now.  I’m chakling this one up as a learning process.  It will be beautiful to me!

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Yes, I have indeed committed myself to yet another knitting project.

It’s called Secret of the Stole iii (It’s the 3rd one but my first one). This one is hosted by the Nautical Knitter. (You can get all the details at their web site.)

The deal is that you get a piece of the pattern once a week. I have actually tried of couple of these before and have gotten through the 1st couple of hints and became disgusted and quit. I am determined to finish this one.

I am a very slow lace knitter. Very small thread, lots of yarn-overs and combining of stitches. Very fiddly work. I have to be well rested and without distractions in order to make everything work as it should. I actually had this weekend to myself so it was perfect for getting started on t his project. (I had to stop knitting to watch Michael Phelps earn all his medals. Just too exciting!)

Here’s clue #1

It even has beads….(a little hard to see due to bad lighting)

As I was pinning it to take pictures, I was bragging to my mother about the fact that I had not had to rip back and start over like I had in the past and then it happened. I had inadvertently dropped a stitch and when I started to stretch the piece, it ran like a hole in a pair of nylons. I had to do a quick repair. That’s what I get for gloating!

Since you have no idea what it is supposed to look like, I challenge you to find the mistake! (you can’t tell me when you find it…..I’m going to believe that when it’s finished it won’t be noticed at all.

I am using this a yarn called Shadow from Knitpicks that I had bought last year to do a mystery shawl so I only had to buy the beads. (remember, I’m on a yarn diet!) The color I am using must have been discontinued.

Here is my yarn….on the top. The bottom is a regular worsted weight. It’s pretty small!

Hopefully I can keep up with the hints and in a few weeks I’ll have a beautiful lacy shawl.

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