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Lots of pictures to show and not much to say about them.  So….

Here are some of the current blooms in my garden:

It was a bit windy the day I was taking these so some came out blurry.  It’s really not your eyesight!

I finished my ‘Ruby Red’ socks.  They are nice and warm.  It’s been so cold and dreary this week that it’s nice to have warm things still around.

Went to the Onion Burger Festival.  The burgers and fried pies were excellent but did not enjoy the cold, rainy day.

Pete and Andy eating in the rain

The ‘big burger’

You can get all the details of the event here.

14 more days of school……I think I can…I think I can…I think I can…I think I can………….

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On a Roll!

My knitting needles are smoking!!!! I finished two more projects this weekend. (can you tell I have no other life than to spend every evening in my chair with my knitting and 3 furry animals!?!)

The Jolly Green Socks were started some time ago but finally finished. They took a lot longer that I expected.

My mother is going to be hosting her Red Hat club this spring so I decided to help her with the prizes they give out and made a ‘red-hat’ scarf. This was one of those ‘one-day’ projects. You take 3 different yarns and really big needles and get things done in a Jiffy.

I know they will have a great time!

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Finally, completed

So…. I snipped off the end with scissors

Frogged it (rip it, rip it…..get it?!?)

reinserted the needles and fussed with it a bit to make sure the stitches were evenly distributed and the toe and heel are properly aligned.

Checked and rechecked to make sure the first needle was properly marked. (this is where the mistake happened to begin with.)

I finally ended up with these wonderful socks.

Did you notice the toes?

It’s nice to have a project completed so early in the year.

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My Brown Sugar Socks (Yarnharlot recipe and Wildfoote yarn from Brown Sheep Co, color: Brown Sugar) was supposed to be my last knitting project of 2007. I actually finished them last night and was waiting until today to take pictures with some sunlight.

I really like the yarn and I love the colors. But did you notice anything wrong?

Come on, you can say it……

don’t be embarrassed……

you won’t hurt my feelings!

Yes, it’s true. The toe on the right foot is completely wrong!

I was in such a hurry to finish them that I didn’t notice that I started the toe in the wrong place and now it’s sideways. I was so excited to learn a new way of weaving the toe closed from Interweave knits that I didn’t check the toe before I finished it.

Even as I wear them I’m debating as to whether to go to the trouble to fix them or not. I mean really…..who’s going to notice but me, right!?!?

I know myself well enough that once I get over being mad at myself I will take a pair of scissors and cut the toe off and try again.

So I guess now, I can count these socks as one of my 2008 projects.

Happy New Year!

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