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Well,  round 2 has almost passed us. Rain. Freezing rain. Sleet. Snow. We’ve had it all. It’s well below freezing with horrible wind which drops the temperature even more. Brrrrrr

Round 3 comes later today.


Mr. Elroy could not care less about the storm.


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No Complaining Here!

So we’ve had our 2nd snow storm/blizzard in a matter of a week.  This is certainly a foreign concept to us “southerners” and there’s a WHOLE lot of complaining going on…..but not from me!

I’ve always liked snow….wished we had more of it…..have always said that if it’s going to be cold…there had better be snow to go along with it!  Well, I guess I got my wish.  Not only have we had a lot of snow but the temps have been around below freezing an with the wind chill index it’s been below zero….VERY cold for us Southern folk!


We got a lot less snow than they had first predicted but it came in around daylight so all the schools canceled last night in preparation for the 12 inches that was predicted.  We missed a bullet and Kansas got the brunt of the snow and we just got a few inches.

It’s light and fluffy and dry.  No snowmen or snowball fights!

But it’s also beautiful.  God’s way of making winter pretty around here…a break from all the brown and gray!



Mother nature is creating more artwork….




……and who knows if we’ll miss school again tomorrow!  But I’m not complaining!

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Snow Day(s) update…

So…..tomorrow will be our 4th day in a row we will NOT have school because of the “Blizzard of 2011”.  I think it’s time I got the school work done that I brought home…..won’t have any excuses for being behind!

But before the schoolwork….here’s the WORK I did yesterday and today…

This is the view from my garage on Wed….before the shoveling….


Nothing prettier than pristine snow…


the lovely and huge snow drift at the end of my street…


Shoveling …Phase 1



keep in mind….the only shovel I have is a flat, square garden shovel….

Shoveling…Phase 2… (an hour or so later…)


And after the sun melted and dried it a bit…It’s about 2/3 of the length of my driveway…


My neighbors invited me to dinner last night (was a great break and nice to talk to humans in person) so I cut myself a little path to the street about the width of the shovel….it worked!


This morning (Thursday) I tackled this…..the front sidewalk to the door…


Phase 1…


and phase 2…


I put down salt to melt the leftovers…and it worked well….The postwoman was happy to see a sidewalk!


But the best part of all was this wonderful Snow Angel that came to visit….My friend Chuck!  I knew he had a snow-blower and was teasing him on Facebook that he should come by and clear off my driveway.  Well…TODAY….he shows up on my doorstep with the snow-blower….what a GUY!!!!


I really think he was having a blast playing with his toy!  He had a huge smile on his face the whole time he was here!

I can’t ever remember a time when it’s been cold enough for the snow to stick around this long….amazing!  But I’m going to venture out a bit tomorrow…see what’s going on outside my house.  It’s supposed to be above freezing for the first time since Tuesday….hopefully we’ll see some melting!  (but there are rumors of more snow this weekend!!!!)

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Yes, it has become an annual event that we either get ice or blizzard in January and miss several days of school!  2011 was not going to be left out of this party so yesterday we received about 12″ of snow (but who really knows since all it did was blow around into giant, albeit beautiful, piles!

Here’s a timeline…sort of…..

This is about 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning…

Outside my front door (the garden ornament at the end of the house is about 2.5 feet tall….to give you some perspective) during the thick of the blizzard

Out the backdoor (same time)

Mother Nature’s Artwork on my window

But here’s what we did all warm and snug inside:

(please notice the Elroy’s point toes….dreaming of being a dancer?!?!?!?!)

While I was knitting on the couch….Goldie sat in my lap and bathed…Here’s her action shot!

Here it is about noon on Tuesday as the storm is nearing it’s end (at least for snow…winds howled all day!)

Later in the evening…outside my garage door!

Yes….that’s a 13″ snowdrift I have to dig out before I can get my car out!

and…..This morning, Wednesday, about 8 a.m.

Elroy snuck out and tested the snow… He didn’t like it  much..

But yes….That’s SUNSHINE!!!  …. even if it was 3 degrees outside!  BRRRRRR………

Another visitor…..very cold and brave…..I wish I had some food to give him!

So….another day at home….wonder what I’ll do today?

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Spring—-Day 1

Yes, it is the first day of spring….officially.  But here in OK….this is what we have…..for real….

And…….we’re expecting several more inches by tomorrow morning……Only in OK!  (yesterday it was 72 degrees and sunny! LOL)

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Last Hurrah

We lost 4 school days plus a weekend to the ice/snow storm.  Here is a recap with some photos included that I haven’t shown before.  Enjoy!

Here’s a video I took while it was still snowing and blowing!

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Snow day #2

Thursday I was a slug but Friday….well….here’s what I did…

1.  worked on a project I need to have done by the end of Feb……means me writing….ugh….way out of practice…got first draft finished!

2.  layered up and played in the snow….took these pics….WAY fun!  Wish I had some kids and a sled to play with!

3.  cleaned a bit on the sewing room/office…..needs a bit more attention, i believe…  🙂 but at least I got started!  LOL

4.  did some knitting

5.  Watched too much TV

so that means today I can be a slug again!  But I think I’ll make spaghetti first!

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