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I keep finding odds and end photos on my computer and I always say “I really need to get that blog post written and loaded”…..but I never get it done.  So I’ve decided to just post some pictures with some explanation.  They will be totally unrelated…but that’s OK with me!

Here goes…

Last year, during the whole cancer business, one of my 8th grade girls brought me a breast cancer awareness bracelet….

I thought it was incredibly kind.  She also bought herself one so that she could show her support.  Wow!  I have pretty amazing students!  Kylie moved to Las Vegas a few weeks after she gave me the bracelet but now every time I wear the bracelet I will think of her.  (yes, I am the pasty white arm on the left!  She was also about a foot taller than me too!)

In July, (I think), Mom, my sister and my niece got together to make jewelry.  We try to do this at least once a summer because we all love to do it!  So here’s our creations!

we always make such a mess!  LOLOL

Mr. Elroy makes me laugh….here are some of my favorite pictures of him.  Some were taken with my phone so they aren’t so good….

He often sleeps like this…and in the middle of whatever I’m working on…..and I have to check to see if he’s still breathing because he looks dead…..

2 different naps ….2 different days…..same old pose….

One night….while working at my computer desk, it got kinda hot….so I turned on the fan….and this is where he put himself….between me and the fan…and again, laid right on top of the paperwork I was working on…..crazy boy cat!

I LOVE cat paws…..these are Goldie’s….and they are HUGE!

I knitted this little sweater for Kaylore….It actually fits her perfectly and I think it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen….if I do say so myself!!!!

This summer I was invaded by tiny ants…..I planned an ant massacre…..and it worked!!!  You can find anything on the internet!!!

I helped JW with his back to school backpack by embroidering his name on it……

It came with a wallet and everything…..and I think he liked it just fine!

It’s hard to believe he’s in 1st grade already!  Wow!!!

Ok….I think I’m all caught up….Oh Wait!  I almost forgot to celebrate!

Last week I went in for my yearly mammogram (and the first one since my diagnosis and surgery) and I’m proud to announce that ALL IS GOOD!!!  No reason for extra pictures, or procedures!  I’m so very extremely thankful!

Until next time!


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My friend Dawn and I have both decided to step off the edge start a new business….separately.  This past weekend we rented a booth at a craft fair in Stillwater, OK to show the world our talents and try to make a buck or two….

Here’s our booth…..

Dawn has become a self-published author of the most darling children’s books featuring Benjamin Boo.  Here’s her Author page….Dawn Cawthron Behren.

She takes her own photos and writes her own stories.  The books are available in full color soft-cover and Kindle e -books (and you can down load a free Kindle app for your iPhone, iPad or android phone).  They are adorable and kids LOVE them.  If you need some little kid gifts or just have a love of children’s books…you’ll want to purchase these for sure!

I have ventured into recycling thrift store sweaters….into designer pillows.  I’ve opened a 2nd Etsy store called Aunt J’s Knit Knacks.  I’ve also included some of my hand knit items.  I’ve saturated my gift market with hand knits…so I’ve decided to try and sell them!

Here are some of my favorites….

Elroy is always hanging around trying to help….but sometimes….it’s just exhausting….

or hot….(and yes….the fan is on…and he is blocking me from getting any of the cool air!)

Dawn has her books on consignment at a few stores in Stillwater and has sold a few.  I’ve sold a few pillows and hats in the Etsy store.  The craft show wasn’t as successful as we had hoped.  Discouraged?….midly…..heartbroken?….no way!

New adventures are good.  2011/2012 has been stressful and heartbreaking for both Dawn and I.  We have often commented that God never allows both of us to be in the depths of despair at the same time…..and we are thankful for that.  We are both happy for the solace that creativity brings us….and feeds our souls.

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I almost forgot that I started this post.  You won’t see one for July because I haven’t done NEARLY as much as I did in June…..does baking count?  LOL


Each summer, I challenge myself to do at least one project around the house per day.  It doesn’t have to be big….just has to accomplish SOMETHING.  I’m also a list person but have discovered that if I make a list of the things that NEED to be done in the summer….I find myself resisting and actually do less.  Weird, I know, but that’s me!  So I have decided to make a list of the things I’ve accomplished AFTER I do them.  It’s much  more rewarding that way!  Here’s a running tally of my lists since I was out of school, May 25 to the last day of June.

1.  Painted Bedroom walls, ceiling and trim (still need to paint doors)

2.  Purchased new bedroom furniture, including mattress (this took a LOT of shopping)

3.  Purchased new linens for new bed

4.  cleaned, painted and purged bedroom closet

5.  cleaned and purged the dresser and chest in the guest room and moved into my new furniture.

6.  cleaned and purged bathroom cabinet in preparation for new counter top

7.  purged tv cabinet, music case and book case in the living room

8.  assembled new tv cabinet

9.  installed new area rug in living room

10.  Helped disassemble the old Mr. Elm and cleaned up the mess after he was carted away.

11.  Balanced check book (had not been done since December…..used cancer as excuse…)

12.  knitted 1 scarf, 3 hats and finished a pair of mittens

13.  started cleaning garage

14.  walked/rode stationary bike 423.5 miles

15.  took a road trip to Iowa

16.  Took Parents to Dr. Appt.

17.  4 dr. appts of my own

18.  laid sod on new sewer line in the back yard.

19.  Did a bit of gardening

20.  Blogged

21.  washed all the winter scarves and hats

22.  Attempted to de-flea the animals (many baths, treatments and brushing….sigh…)

23.  Kept up the Etsy store.

24.  took lots of naps…

25.  Read a book

26.  Helped interview one of my new bosses.

27.  Watched and cheered for Thunder Basketball

28.  played with Kaylore and Karver and J. W.

29.  Ironed a basket of shirts (at least a dozen)

30.  Hemmed a dozen fabric napkins

31.  Stupidly agreed to serve on another choral directors board….sigh…when will I ever learn?!?!?!?!

32.  Spent a little time in the garden.

33. carted many bags of crap to the thrift store (and didn’t even go in to shop!)

34.  made breakfast for the nephews

35.  cleaned and purged linen closet

36.  Shredded 10 years of tax records.

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I went to visit my parents last weekend and Mom had one of her newer projects laid out on the dining room table.   This woman truly amazes me…over and over.   She also has a fetish for beads.  She collects them, plays in them and can’t keep her hands out of them or resist buying them when given any opportunity!

Soooo….Here it is…..(a brief description)  This fabric in on the bed in the “Red Room” (aka guest room) of their house.  She must have had some left because she took a piece about the size of a generous throw blanket and quilted around the flowers bouquets…..quite pretty…..but she couldn’t stop there…..

NOW….she’s embellishing the flowers with beads!!!!  And I have to say… IT’S GORGEOUS!!!!!  I’m afraid my pictures aren’t going to show how beautiful it is in person…but hopefully you’ll get the idea…..enjoy!

(on a side note, our Etsy store is a success! In the first 3 weeks, we have already hit the $100 mark and the most expensive item we’ve sold has been $18!  We are SO happy!)









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My good friends, Jeff and Wendy, just added a new baby to their family…and the tradition I started was to make each one a quilt.  This is the 7th one I’ve made for their family!!!!

Since I’m out of school for the holidays, I invited Mom down to help me make the quilt….and  yes it was a QUILT IN A DAY kind of day.

We started with this pattern and using some fabric from my stash and buying ONLY 2 1/8 yards….we were able to get it done!  We had quite a factory going in my sewing room.

Goldie and I did the cutting and ironing..

While Mom and Elroy took care of the sewing…

He was VERY interested in the sewing machine!

But soon tired of the whole business…

Quilt top finished!

I started with the solid color from my stash so I had to find something that matched it and came across the fish…and it was perfect!

The fun began again when we were layering the quilt together….

Goldie was holding down her side…so nice of her to help!

and now…one very cute quilt (this pic shows the actual colors much better!)

Don’t you wish you were a going under the sea with little baby Malachi?

Welcome to the world, Baby!

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A change of pace

I have dusted off my embroidery machine and have been cranking out some roses.

I have a student whose dad is the volunteer coordinator for a hospice company. A couple of years ago he got me to make a million several quilt blocks with appliquéd hearts on them. The volunteers would take them to the patients and/or their families and they would write memories and such things on them. Then someone else made them into a quilt. I thought it was a great idea.

Well, he has been bugging me for several months to do this again. I finally told him I would only do it in the summer time when I have more time at home. The company he works for now has a rose for their logo so he wanted roses…..and he’s getting them.

I was finally told this week that they want a total of 80 blocks. I have 17 finished and many, many more to go. (it takes an average of 20-25 minutes for each rose to stitch out.) The only good thing about being tied to my sewing/computer room is that I am getting things done in here that I have neglected for some time. Once in a while, I even sneak in my knitting needles.

This morning it’s storming and raining really hard (Thank goodness, my garden and grass needed a good drink) so I won’t be sewing until later this afternoon.

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A Change of Scenery

Since I have revisted my knitting habit, I have abandoned my sewing machine. )I think the DVR in my living room has had something to do with my addiction to knitting.)

I have several sewing project that need to be started/finished/found (you get the picture) so I actually dove in yesterday.

My friends Wendy and Jeff are expecting their 6th baby and I have to keep up with tradition and make this one his own quilt.

Here are some of the fabrics:

I spent a lot of time at the fabric store trying to decide on what I was going to use to make this quilt. I was feeling very uninspired.

I chose the Railfence pattern and stayed in the red/white/blue colors knowing the boys room at their house is in these colors.

It went together pretty fast.

Here is a sample of the two different blocks.

Like I said… not too inspired.

Here it is with part of the sashing completed.

All the sashing completed

and a finished quilt with borders.

I’ll take it to Mom today to let her quilt it.

It feels great to get something finished!

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