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Farewell, Sweet Ruffie

Ruffles, faithful friend and companion and Queen of the house. I will miss you.

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Sweet Ruffie

Here are some more pictures of Ruffles. She has good weeks and bad weeks. I’m dreading the day when we have to part ways. Until then….she’s just Sweet Ruffie!

This is her hideaway in the closet.

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Meet Queen Ruffles!

Ruffles came to me when I was teaching in Wichita, KS. I was not having a very good school year and having an animal in my apartment was the most comforting thing that happened to me.

She was very, very small when I got her. Just barely 6 weeks old and would fit into one hand…..


We became instant buddies. She was a very verbal cat at an early age. When I would play with her she would make the biggest noises but never have a claw or a fang out to hurt you. She just liked to make noise (that hasn’t changed in 20 years!)

After I moved back to OK, I decided she needed to have babies. She had a litter of 3 kittens but I didn’t keep any. They were soooooo sweet!

However, Ruffles never lost her baby weight……

Here she is with my nephew Hunter. She was rather rotund and all my family made fun of her. She got back at them by never allowing them to touch her! However, I think Hunter was allowed to brush her!

For whatever reasons, cats love sinks! I have several pictures of Ruffles in a variety of sinks….here’s one…..

(I won’t bore you with all the others!)

…..and baskets…..and high places!

Ruffles was really angry with me when I brought home my other cat, Lucy. She didn’t talk to me for over a month. She eventually got used to her and we became a happy family of 2 cats.

Ruffles is 20 years old now and has regained her girlish figure. She can’t jump like she used to but still announces herself as she comes down the hallway.

Her favorite place to live now is in my closet……but she sleeps next to me until I fall asleep. I can’t bear the thought of losing her so I make her as comfortable as possible through her golden years and it makes us both happy!

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Today is Friday and I am glad!

Ruffles: I just can’t keep this foot under control! I’m trying to nap and this foot just won’t go where it’s supposed to go. Maybe I’ll pretend I don’t see it!

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My cat, Ruffles, was my first pet as an adult. She is now almost 20 years old. (hard to believe I’ve been an adult that long!) She has always been creative about finding a place to call her own in my house.

The most recent has been the closet in my bedroom. It’s dark, she can come and go as she pleases, and even the dogs leave her alone.

Recently, we had a small flood, due to some plumbing problems, and she became displaced from her warm, cozy spot. It took her about 30 seconds to decide her new ‘home’ was my bed and her favorite spot on the bed is my pillow. (I am now having to make my bed everyday to avoid the cat hair problem). Everytime I walk in the bedroom she has chosen yet another unusual sleeping position. Here is the one where she is showing off her acrobatic ability by putting her back feet up next to her head.
You will see more photos in the weeks to come!

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