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Each summer, I try to do something constructive/destructive to my house that will improve the living conditions or contribute to the ongoing purging project.  This year, it’s BIG!

This is my bedroom….

I LOVE my bedroom…it’s cozy, warm, cave-like and my escape to slumber land each night.  I’ve had the antique furniture, which is quite nice, for  25+ years and it has served me well.  It added to the coziness to the room.

But….about a month ago…..the light above my head turned on and said “IT’S TIME FOR AN UPDATE”…..and I had to agree.  The piece of carpeting I was using was old, stained and gross.  The wood floor, which is the original wood floor from when the house was built in 1958, still had the same 1958 finish and it too was stained and gross.  I checked the budget and decided to dive in head first.

I called my go-to-guy and we got started.

But during this process….I’ve been living like a hoarder.

Sleeping on the twin sized guest bed with only a small, narrow path to the bed. I’m limited on clothing because there are 2 sets of mattresses sharing the room and blocking the way to the dressers where my everyday clothes are stored.  Needless to say…I’ve done laundry often!  The antique furniture is in the garage, and my stuff is anywhere I can find a place for it to land.

My office has an even smaller trail….

And the Kitchen is packed as well….(sorry….some of these pics were taken hurriedly with my phone)

I’m looking forward to putting everything back in it’s place…and PURGING a LOT of the ‘stuff’.

Phase #1 –  paint the walls.

I settled on a nice “morrell” color. It’s actually a dark caramel or coffee with LOTS of creamer….and I love it!  (the big white stripe?  Well, when I painted the room green I stupidly hung an embossed/paintable wallpaper border….it was a really stupid idea) I hurriedly got it painted before they came to redo the floors.  During the floor process (do a step, wait a day, storm comes through, wait a day, do 8 steps, wait several days for drying) I….

finished the walls – 2 coats – same day….thought I was gonna die!!!!

painted the trim….(and yes, this is just the primer coat…..but the trim is almost white….

and the ceiling…(why I waited to do this last is beyond me!) no pics…but now it’s nice a clean and matches the trim.

Now the painting is done until the crown molding is installed and the quarter round is put down.  Then it’s just filling in nail holes and touching up the paint.  I still need to paint the doors but will do that after I get all the stuff out of the garage that belongs in my room.

Phase 2 – the floors – (mixed in with the painting….)

Before – (see what I  mean????  old and ratty looking!)

After the first initial sanding…These guys were GOOD!!!

Mr. Elroy doing his inspection….

final product is beautiful!!! (I think it’s still wet from the polyurethane but it shows the grain well!)

I’m SOOO excited and love the floors!!!

I’ll keep you updated as the room is put back together!

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