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And all I did was strip wall paper and paint!  But it felt like I created something as big as ….hmmmm….at LEAST a country! : )

So here’s the scoop….

The wallpaper I added in the 1990s was totally out of date…It looked like this….

Here’s the wallpaper in the hallway….striped paisley stuff that I never really liked……VERY glad it’s gone.

Here are the two layers from the living room…

I particularly like the bottom layer of an Italian villa…..complete with fountain….

These 3 layers came off rather easily in the living room….

Because of a lovely coat of paint on the old wallboard…..ahh…I got LUCKY!

But….the luck ended in the hallway and entryway….ugh!

Underneath the ugly striped wallpaper I put up was…..

more stripes…..and this lovely…umm….stuff…

WHAT were they thinking?????? (BTW – my garage is painted the same pink as that little flower!)

Goodbye wallpaper of eras gone by…..

and then finally….c1958 wallboard……with the finest taping job I’ve seen in a while!  nice smooth walls!

The lady at the paint store where I bought my supplies told me I would have to texture the walls after stripping the wallpaper….because I would gouge the wallboard so badly.  I told her I didn’t want texture because there wasn’t any in my house…she smirked and walked off and thought to herself…that lady (me) is CRAZY!  Little did she know that her comment was all the challenge I needed to be sure I didn’t scar the wallboard.  And I DID prove her wrong!  (I feel so superior…is that wrong!?!?!?)

I found a few surprises along the way….

The outlet where the ONE phone line was brought into the house….

A fist sized hole in the entryway…

And a sorry looking patch job (which I assume was from a demolished piece of wall board)  They attached the spackle to the old wallpaper so when the wallpaper went…so did the spackle.  Had to start over…and I gained a WHOLE new appreciation for those guys who cover the seams on wallboard…geez…they should probably be paid more!

Pete came over and helped me patch the holes and switch out some light switches….

The cats seemed unfazed by the whole business and took advantage of the buffet’s temporary home in the kitchen…next to the windows….

(sorry for the blurry pictures….must have been the wrong setting on my camera!)

Then came the primer coat…

And then the paint….Ahhhhhh….SO much better!  The paint is an interesting color.  Not what I had first invisioned but I have come to LOVE it!

In some light, it looks green, in others it looks gray and sometimes it has a hint of brown…..but it fits into my home nicely!

I began on a Monday and ended on the following Monday….I consider that pretty good progress for an old lady!

They I started re-decorating things….

Packed away the Nutcrackers for awhile….and moved the buttons off the buffet..

and cleared away some clutter off the piano…

It feels really good to get this huge project finished!

Next on the list (and beginning this weekend) is getting the trim painted….wish me luck!

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Here are some pictures I took at the farm that didn’t really fit into the other post…..but I really liked them and wanted to share them with you.


Can you pick out the city boy?

Blue is my color….

Preacher or farmer?

Hot Dog Art

How are you, friend?

Best Buds…

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Spring Break 2011

Well, folks, this year’s spring break has just FLOWN by but has been totally awesome!  Sadly, nothing I did was particularly photo-worthy but here’s a break down of this past week:


Sunday (last week) – Choir concert of the Harvard Men’s Glee Club (yes from THE Harvard University) and they were AWESOME.  Went with my good friend Bonnie and then had dinner with our good friends Boyd and Barbara whom I haven’t seen in quite a while.  Was fun and refreshing!


Monday – Spent the day in Frederick with my good friend Wendy and her 7 children (Jeff was working and unable to see me that day :)….missed you Jeff!)  The children are awesomely talented and I was given a concert of piano playing and singing!!!  The oldest 3 girls served lunch and dinner and what a treat that was!  I also got to see Wendy’s Mom’s House (Hi Jan!) and it was soooo cute!  I also got the kids hooked on Words With Friends (phone app version of scrabble) and we are continuing to have fun!  It was a full day of fun, visiting, catching up and refreshing a valuable friendship.  Thanks Wendy!


Tuesday – I stayed home but got a new haircut that I love!  Michelle always makes me look good!  Then shopped (for clothes, my semi-annual purchase of clothes for myself) until it was time to have dinner with Pete at Red Lobster.  It was a GREAT day!


Wednesday – I made the trek to Kingfisher to hang out with Mom and Dad.  Mom and I prowled the junk shops in town and had a blast!  Dad had lunch with us then went to the farm to “help” my brother…not sure about the help part! LOL


Thursday – Took Dad (and Mom) to his Eye Dr. appt. here in OKC.  Then had lunch, got Mom some upholstery shop supplies, sent them home then spent the afternoon in the kitchen baking….always a good time!


Friday – Spent the morning doing errands then the afternoon on the couch while the roast cooked in the crock pot.  My good Friend Ron joined me for a real home cooked meal and it was delicious.  We both ate too much!  The blackberry cobbler and ice cream was the best part!


Saturday – Went to Stillwater to spend the day with my good friend Dawn.  We literally shopped til we dropped but not before having lunch at the infamous Eskimo Joe’s.  It was a beautiful day to be out and about.


Sunday (tomorrow) will be the day I spend doing laundry, doing school work (that I avoided the whole week) and getting myself geared up for the last 9 weeks of school!


It was busy and it was fun!  And after putting all this in writing, I am reminded once again that I am rich in friends!  I am truly blessed!



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Yes, once again it is our annual Valentine’s dinner…

The usual were in attendance…..

Pete and Lou

Bonnie and Dawn

Dawn (again…she’s not a twin…and that’s a good thing!) and Mom and Dad



Lou was very sweet and sent a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers..


I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures  of the meal but here is the  menu:

Rack of Lamb (SOOOOOO good)

Roasted Asparagus (my favorite)

Salad of my own creation:  Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and mozzarella cheese with Olive oil/basil/Italian dressing (was very good)

Cheese Biscuits (just like the ones at red lobster)

Plain old Mashed Potatoes made with red potatoes with the skins on and extra butter (great comfort food!)

I did, however, remember to take pics of the dessert as I was making it…

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Torte

Make a brownie-like cake.. (with 1 whole cup of cocoa!!!)

next ingredient…


yes, those are peanut butter cups and yes, you use all 10 of them!!!!!!



Elroy was supervising (and no…  my house is not on fire…it’s my humidifier)

Out of the oven…


put peanut butter between the layers…with peanut butter frosting and more chocolate on top and you have death by chocolate!  It was wonderful!


Elroy was trying to eat the flowers!


Elroy entertained us after dinner playing fetch….


Again, please?!?!?!


Dawn spent the night so we had breakfast the next morning….

Short Bacon… (ask Dawn!) and blueberry pancakes… (and you can see last’s night’s dessert in the background)



I’m not going to worry about counting the millions of calories I’ve enhaled this weekend….It’s Valentine’s day and they don’t count!


Thanks Pete, for the Valentine Heart filled with Hershey’s Kisses….and Bonnie for the DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookie and Dawn for the beautiful red mug and hot cocoa mix.


It was a wonderful evening with friends and family…..Thank you for coming!


p.s.  I’m not playing favorites with Elroy…Goldie likes to hide when I have company….she’s shy!


Happy Valentine’s Day!










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It was another FABULOUS Thanksgiving feast for our family…..

LOTS of food…

Prepared by the best cooks you’ll find anywhere…. (which included some wild turkey killed by Hunter….we ignored the arrow holes in the breast meat…LOL)

Desserts to die for!

And best of all….GREAT company…

(somehow missed getting Mom in the picture….!)

After we put down our forks and cleaned up the dishes….we collapsed…

Wayne just had foot surgery and is enjoying all the help he gets….LOLOLOL

Shoppers getting ready for black Friday….

And here is the true sign of a GREAT Thanksgiving meal….

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So Saturday was my annual Valentine’s dinner….

Here was the menu:

Blazy’s Pepperoni Studded Lasagna

( I used Emeril’s Sauce recipe)


turned into this:

OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS!!!!! (just sayin”)

With Green Bean Bundles


and store bought garlic bread  (I know I cheated but hey….can’t beat the best!)

For dessert was the incredible Lemon Cake

Cake Layers:

Layering the cake with:

Lemon Curd and lemon syrup:

Frosting and many more layers:

Finished cake (with ghetto piping done by me!)

and it was yummy too!

and take home gifts for the guests:

The dinner was great, the company was even better.  Another smashing success!

p.s.  realized after everyone left that I never took pictures of my guests…..sigh….oh well….We all had fun!  Thanks for coming, Pete, Mom, Dad, Bonnie and Dawn!

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Friends and Catfish

Lou has been telling us about this little cafe that served really great catfish but it took Pete seeing it on the Discover Oklahoma TV show to get us there…

So this week, Pete loaded up Lou, Andy and I (he actually had a bus route to pick each of us up and take us home!) and we went here:

For the locals….it’s at I-35 and Waterloo Rd.  …… Can’t miss it.

It is really nothing more than a fancy bait shop…..but we had fun! (even if I could never catch the guys smiling!)


It certainly had it’s own ambience….

But the food was delicious!

Sometimes it pays to be the youngest person in the group…..shaves a few years off your age without doing anything!

It was a really fun afternoon!

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