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10 steps to Sweetness

I love flavored syrup on pancakes and I also love peaches so it only makes sense that I combine the two and make peach syrup.

Here’s how I do it:

1. Take several pounds of ripe Oklahoma peaches, chop and put into a large pot with a little water. No need to peel.

2. Literally cook peaches to a pulp.

3. Strain peaches and extract as much juice as possible.

4. Hang pulp to get the last drop of juice. (I apologize if this photo offends anyone…..it does offend me….a little)

5. Take juice and add TONS of sugar and cook with pectin to make syrup.

6. Put syrup into jars.

7. Spill last jar of syrup and burn hand. Doctor hand with cool water, ice and aloe vera gel (sorry no pictures, camera hand was out of commission)

8. Add lids to jars for sealing

9. Savor the sight of beautiful preserved (yet still hot) syrup.

10. Wish you were at my house eating pancakes.

p.s. My mother puts my peach jam on her pancakes with the peach syrup and pretends she’s at Ihop!

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