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Thursday – spent most of the day cooking dinner for Pete and the boys (Lou and Andy).  I forgot to take pictures.  We had a great time and the food was good too!

I also finished the red baby sweater…

Pete surprised with the yellow daisies.  They are BEAUTIFUL!  I thought the sweater and flowers made a great combination!  The flowers will end up being planted in my garden so I can see them every spring.

Friday – Was a bum and did nothing!

Saturday – Celebrated my great-nephew’s 1st birthday. ( See video)

Sunday – mourning the passing of Spring Break

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Pake update

I haven’t gotten to see baby Pake since last March. He gave us such a scare when he was born we weren’t sure how things would go.

As you can see from the photo below, he is doing GREAT. He’s happy, chubby, and very lovable. He has OSU orange hair and is just as sweet as can be. Jarren, his mother, gave me the first photo and the others I took with my cell phone when I ran into the whole family while shopping.

A Happy Pake

Pake and Grandpa

Pake and Great Aunt J

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….And 1 makes three

I am a little late in welcoming our newest family member.

Jarren and Wes had a wonderful baby boy on Feb. 12, 2008 (their first child)

Paykus Wayne Graham.

6 lbs, 2 oz

18 inches long.

Here are the happy parents at Christmas this past year. (Jarren isn’t as evil as she looks, it’s just my bad photography skills!)

This baby aka “Pake” has had a very difficult time getting here. Jarren was ordered to bed most of the pregnancy which means she hardly taught this school year. All the while Wes took his turn at being in and out of the hospital.

Pake has given his parents and extended family members plenty to pray about since his arrival. At the moment he appears to be making quite a recovery and is on the mend. He came 2 or 3 weeks early so he wants to sleep all the time and isn’t much interested in eating (much to his mother’s dismay). If he would just understand that if he ate more he would feel better! I’m sure he’ll make up for lost time!

Here’s Pake: He’s vey tiny and has a head full of RED hair! His Papa is so proud!

JW even got to go see Pake with Nanny and Papa
After he got over the initial jealousy of having to share Nanny, he was quite taken by the whole baby thing.
We are very glad that Pake is here and we are looking forward to spoiling him ROTTEN!

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