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The cats plus me makes three….and then there was…..Maverick….


Here’s the story…..

My niece, Donna, wanted a dog after she was married and got herself a brown and white spotted, full blood, registered, Cocker Spaniel….and named him Maverick.  Life was good for Maverick…he was an only child.  Then came along baby, Kaylore…..16 months ago.  Maverick, being himself, was too rowdy and rambunctious so he was banished to the backyard…except for sleeping then he got to come inside to the laundry room.

Fast forward 16 months…..Baby Karver joins the family and poor Maverick….

When I lost my last dog, July, Donna asked me if I wanted to adopt Maverick, knowing how little attention he was getting at home.  My initial response was No…er…maybe BUT not until school is out IF i say yes.  Well…..I felt badly for Donna AND Maverick so about 2 weeks before Karver was born, I agreed to take in the dog.

Well……the first week was …um…..stressful for both of us.  I got him on a Monday night, then Tuesday morning, he had surgery (um…you know…) then on Friday he went to the vet for a really BAD ear infection in both ears. That’s a lot happening when you’ve been thrown into a foreign land.  The CATS….OMG….the cats were in SHOCK!  The first night they sat poised at the foot of  my bed listening to the dog making noise in the bathroom.  I honestly don’t think they slept a wink all night! (I didn’t sleep much either.)

I put out a plea for help on FaceBook and my friend Cindi gave me a set of dog training lessons she had purchased at a charity auction!  What a GREAT friend!  So far we have had 3 lessons and life is MUCH better.  He’s learning doggie manners and I even like him sometimes!  He’s still on probation….he has snapped at me and the trainer in the class so time will tell.  Can’t have a dog who bites.  I was told to never trust him around young kids….

The cats have accepted him…mostly.  At first chasing the cats was a fun game.  Now, he would LOVE it if they would play with him.  He tries to engage them in a game of chase…OFTEN….but the cats just don’t see the need.  They get along….don’t  hiss at the dog and are pretty much themselves again.

Here are some pictures.  I have TRIED to get pictures of him several times but they all turn out like this….




His favorite toy…


His goofy grin….


Elroy wasn’t interested in Maverick’s photo shoot….


My favorite out of focus shot….Not sure how it happened…but it’s cool!

and then there were 4….

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