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Farewell, Sweet Lucy

I love you and will miss you very much.

I know you feel better and aren’t suffering anymore.

Go to the Rainbow Bridge and find Ruffles and Daisy…..Tell them I love them and miss them too!

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This is what happens when you don’t put away your new yarn before the cat discovers it……

Lucy takes up residence on the bed of new wool…

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Lucy has taken up box sitting.  I think this is one of the weird things about cats.   They have a box fettish!

Lucy showing her disgust with the whole picture taking affair……

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The end of the monsoon

For the last 3 weeks or so it has rained every couple of days.  Our last rain, on Friday evening, gave me over 2 inches of rain (in a very short time period).  We are a bit water logged!

So, Sunday, I got to play in the garden a little and here is what I found.

Lucy joined me for a while….

She is rolling around on the cilantro I planted.  When I finally picked her up to keep her from ruining my plant, she smelled very strongly of cilantro.  Weird!

You decide on a caption for this one…….I’m speechless!

….And I got the shrub trimmed, thanks to Pete and his handy hedge trimmer!  (no, I did the trimming.  His majesty sat on the bench telling me which branches I missed!)

Just a bit more mulch to get in and the front beds are done.  More beautiful weather this next week so I’ll be outside quite a bit.

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Knitting Land

OK, Now that Christmas is over and the knitting deadlines have all been met (48 hours early I might add!)  I can now get back to doing some knitting for fun.

I told myself that I had to finish some of my projects “on the needles” before I could start new ones…..I have a bad case of startitis right now….

So I finished the last 20 or so rows of my Doily lap blanket.

I think it turned out pretty well. The pattern is for a doily to be done in crochet thread but I used the worsted weight yarn my parents brought back from their Fall Foliage tour last fall.

Here is the center (during blocking)

Then I allowed myself to start not 1 but 2 new projects….

This is the beginnings of a baby sweater. You can see the model in the background. It’s a Debbie Bliss pattern from an old Vogue Knitting magazine. It’s construction is interesting…..you knit each piece of the sweater (1 back, 2 fronts and 2 sleeves) separately from the bottom up the put them all on a circular needle and finish the yoke and collar in one piece. That leaves very short seams to sew up by hand.

I am using this Berocco Comfort DK in color #2723 (pink) and then color #2741 (brown) for the edging on the collar.

The other project I started was a scarf. This one is fun because I’m only using leftover yarn from other projects I have already completed.

It’s a long skinny scarf knit lengthwise. You cast on…..are you ready……400 stitches!!!! Fortunately you only knit about 16 rows so I guess it’s all the same one way or the other. The pattern is from “Knit Scarves” and the pattern is called “Long and Skinny”…..go figure! As you can see I’m using up the brown and pink yarns I have in my ‘leftover’ bag.

I originally started this to be able to practice my ‘continental’ style of knitting. (yarn held in left hand instead of the right). It feels like I have 3 thumbs. Hopefully I’ll have it mastered by the time the scarf is finished.

Lucy is such a great knitting companion……She sits in my lap the whole time and doesn’t mind if she get whacked in the head by the knitting needles or tangled up in the yarn.

She starts out all curled up around the knitting ……

gets a little more comfortable……

Then totally stretches out…..

I’m not sure if she like me or my heated throw better……?

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Lucy, the Wonder Cat

I could not resist this photo!

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Self Improvement

My friend, Jayma, is the remedial teacher at school. In her classroom, if the students complete their work before the end of class, they can log on this this website.

Free Rice

Not only does it improve their vocabulary (we hope) but it also introduces them to international issues and how they can help.

If you have a few minutes and want to test your vocabulary, pop in for a visit.

This is Lucy in her favorite box of the moment!

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