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Snow day #2

Thursday I was a slug but Friday….well….here’s what I did…

1.  worked on a project I need to have done by the end of Feb……means me writing….ugh….way out of practice…got first draft finished!

2.  layered up and played in the snow….took these pics….WAY fun!  Wish I had some kids and a sled to play with!

3.  cleaned a bit on the sewing room/office…..needs a bit more attention, i believe…  🙂 but at least I got started!  LOL

4.  did some knitting

5.  Watched too much TV

so that means today I can be a slug again!  But I think I’ll make spaghetti first!


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Dream come true?

We have all dreamed of having the picturesque white Christmas….. surrounded by our loved ones…..gifts…….food…..you get the picture…..  Sometimes we have to be careful what we wish for!

I give you the Blizzard of 2009 in Oklahoma……….

As the storm was blowing, the drift in my windows grew……..

(those funny dots are the reflection of the Christmas tree lights….)

This is a perfect way to spend a blizzardy afternoon…..I was knitting and facebooking of course!

Here is a video of what I found this morning around my house:

(also include some “during” shots)

I’ll be spending Christmas here with my furry family….warm…..and safe…..I’ll see family soon!

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Best Buds!

Since the dog has been banned from the new couch, she has to share the chair with the cat.   They spend HOURS together in this chair.  So funny!




Of course I have to include some new photos of Miss Goldilocks…..she’s such a cute mess!








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The Summer is a Wrap!

I knew the summer fun had ended when I saw this:

This is my classroom….again. As much as I love what I do for a job, I really enjoy my summer. This was a real wake up call that my time of leisure had come to an end and the new challenges had begun….

I had a few end-of-summer adventures:

Pete and Zoe took me to lunch on Sat. before school started:

Zoe and Goldie became fast friends!

The first week of school just about killed me…..I came home exhausted everyday and it took until Thursday before I was beginning to see daylight. Pete was kind enough to take me to breakfast that weekend. What a treat!

JW started preschool this year and I monogrammed his Spiderman backpack. There will be no getting it mixed up with someone else’s backpack!

Goldie has become one of the family….

Even July is becoming her napping buddy! (notice that Lucy is nowhere around……She’s still getting used to the new creature in the house….)

So tomorrow brings another week of school…….160 kids a day, including my class of 45 8th grade girls in my little bitty room…..it’s a little bit cozy! It should be a great year!

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Love is…..

Love is….

Having a friend give you a spit bath while you sleep!

Like it or not, my 2 dogs and cat sleep in my bed everynight. Lucy has just recently decided to share her bathing techniques with July. The video turned out much darker than the original. The big black blob with the red collar, being bathed, is July. She actually slept through the whole process!

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The Watering Hole

July didn’t quite know what to do…….Lucy decided to drink from July’s water dish and July had to wait her turn!

P.s. Yes, July’s food and water are kept in the bathroom. It’s a long story but in a nutshell….Daisy doesn’t share her food or water!

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July IV

One hot summer July 4th, I found an adorable puppy at the fireworks display in Kingfisher, (my home town). Pete was there with Barbara and the kids that year. We saw the puppy during the fireworks but it would not let me come near it. It just barked and barked as the fireworks went off. Finally, the fireworks ended, everyone left the parking lot (we were the last to leave) and the puppy was still there. It was so cute, I decided to adopt it. Barbara was on my side and convinced Pete to take it home with them, then I would pick it up the next day when I went home.

I was bringing my 3 nephews home with me (they were about 8 or 10 years old then) and I let them help me decide on a name. I suggested we name her something related to July 4th since that’s when and where I found her. We thought about Sparky, Sparkles, and other names I’m sure I don’t remember, but in their young minds, July IV was the winner. Although the name is a little different, it suits her just fine.

July is sweet, cuddly and immensly scared of thunderstorms and rain. I had to resort to giving her doggie valium to keep her somewhat calm during rainstorms. She has this uncanny knack for choosing to jump into my lap the minute I start working with a lap full of school work. She is a great bed heater. She cuddles nicely and is very obedient to Daisy as well.

She’s a little older now but is just as wonderful.

We had a little mishap when I was on vacation and had to have an eye worked on.

It’s all healed now. The only problem is that she still bumps into things from time to time on her left side. I certainly has not slowed her down at all.

I’m really glad I decided to adopt her. She was the final entry into our animal family!

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