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So long, sweet puppy

Today I said good-bye to July IV.  She was 15 years old, blind and spent most of her time sleeping in the chair.


I hope that now she is whole and happy again….meeting up with Ruffles, Daisy and Lucy and remembering the ‘Good Old Days!’

The kitties and I will miss you …..




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Yes, it has become an annual event that we either get ice or blizzard in January and miss several days of school!  2011 was not going to be left out of this party so yesterday we received about 12″ of snow (but who really knows since all it did was blow around into giant, albeit beautiful, piles!

Here’s a timeline…sort of…..

This is about 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning…

Outside my front door (the garden ornament at the end of the house is about 2.5 feet tall….to give you some perspective) during the thick of the blizzard

Out the backdoor (same time)

Mother Nature’s Artwork on my window

But here’s what we did all warm and snug inside:

(please notice the Elroy’s point toes….dreaming of being a dancer?!?!?!?!)

While I was knitting on the couch….Goldie sat in my lap and bathed…Here’s her action shot!

Here it is about noon on Tuesday as the storm is nearing it’s end (at least for snow…winds howled all day!)

Later in the evening…outside my garage door!

Yes….that’s a 13″ snowdrift I have to dig out before I can get my car out!

and…..This morning, Wednesday, about 8 a.m.

Elroy snuck out and tested the snow… He didn’t like it  much..

But yes….That’s SUNSHINE!!!  …. even if it was 3 degrees outside!  BRRRRRR………

Another visitor…..very cold and brave…..I wish I had some food to give him!

So….another day at home….wonder what I’ll do today?

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As the holidays have whizzed by, I’ve been taking photos of the animals…..


Elroy seems to be the most photogenic….still acting like a kitten and all….


But Goldie can win the prize for being the prettiest!


Sometimes, there’s just no words…..




But don’t forget the dog!


Boys just do things so differently than girls…. (putting a whole new spin on eating)



A friend brought the felines some wheat grass…..they LOVE it!




My favorite Goldie pose…


The best part of Christmas…..TRASH!


This is how they “help” clean my office!



How can you resist kitty feet?


and my current all-time favorite….

a little out of focus, i know…but it’s those eyes!















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More Cookies!

So….this weekend I continued my cookie dough making/freezing….

I made some Pecan Shortbread Cookies….my favorites but have never been happy with the ones I make…..hope these come out well!

Instead of  little dough balls….these will be slice and bake cookies…I made a double batch with gave me 4 logs. (about 2 doz. cookies)

There is…however….something inherently wrong with a carton of eggs being sold in a NEON PINK carton…..geez! (looks purple here but trust me it’s PINK!!!)

I also made another batch of Peanut Butter cookies…

Why another batch you ask?  Here’s why….

I got a GREAT deal on a #5 tub of extra crunch peanut butter….I know you’re jealous 🙂

I made some of my famous Oatmeal/Craisin/Pecan cookies.  I will definitely have to make a second batch of these…

I have a built in-four-legged cleaning system while I cook….

The only problem is that with her vision issues…she can’t see where I am…so she CONSTANTLY walks in front of EVERY step I take…..it’s sad and maddening all at the same time.

Next….banana bread, pumpkin bread, banana-cranberry bread……yummmmmm!

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It’s HOT!!!

This is the only thing anyone or anything is capable of doing when the heat index is over 100 degrees! (and is has been for days and days and days…..!)

I think I’m melting!

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So….the Olympics come to a close which means the Knitting Olympics do as well.

I didn’t quite finish my afghan…..life, work, exhaustion and allergies got in the way…..yeah, yeah….I’m whining!  LOL

But…..Here’s where I started…..

Here is halfway……

and here’s where I am today…..44″ long.

It’s still about 16″ short of where I want it to be but it’s far enough along that I can see an end so it WILL get finished.  Just need to keep working so I can have it done before warm weather hits….it’s REALLY warm!

I had my own cheering squad…..if you call sleeping cheering?!?!?!?  Oh, well, they were good company!

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Last Hurrah

We lost 4 school days plus a weekend to the ice/snow storm.  Here is a recap with some photos included that I haven’t shown before.  Enjoy!

Here’s a video I took while it was still snowing and blowing!

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