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Need I say more?

My friend, Bonnie, and I got out this afternoon.  A little cabin fever for me and a need for eggs and bread got us to the store.  It was 19 degrees with a stout North wind blowing.  Pretty Chilly.

No school again tomorrow.  All my responsibilities are done so it looks like a long day of knitting and napping!

The weather men missed the boat again this time.  We were only supposed to have a little ice and then warm up a bit today then be back to normal tomorrow.  Now, we are supposed to have a total of 2-3″ of “winter mix” which has turned out to be mostly sleet.  We’ve been really lucky that it wasn’t more ice.  Would have been pretty horrible.

I think I’ll turn on my portable heater (it’s beside my chair with the electric throw) and cuddle up with the animals and some wool.

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The ice storm cometh……

OK, so, nowadays, anytime the weather experts say “ice storm” we all go into motion.  It used to be that an ice storm was rare and we actually saw some snow from time to time.  Not so anymore.

We very rarely see any significant snow and an annual ice storm is inevitable.

We are supposed to get ice/freezing rain between now and Tuesday.  So I have collected my ice storm arsenal:

Kerosene Heater:  I started it, it works and I have plenty of kerosene. I tried to get a new wick for back up but didn’t get all the important info written down so now I need to make an exchange.

I also got this:

Lots of batteries, a new, reliable, flashlight, de-icer for the car and of course I have plenty of yarn to keep me company.

I also got this:

I think my postman will appreciate a clear sidewalk!

My newest addition is this:

I really hate living in the dark, especially when it gets dark so early and leaves me without light for many hours before I’m ready for bed.  This should be great!

Laundry is done, kitchen is clean, food in the pantry……..

OK, I’m ready!

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Goodbye, Mr. Elm

If you remember, the recent ice storm did this to the elm tree in my back yard.

I had really hoped to save the tree because it was a GREAT shade tree. But Dustin, my great tree expert, told me the damage was too severe and that if I kept it, it would be all lopsided. ( I should have kept it so we could look alike!)

So we took it down:

The tree guys were great and found these fence posts in my backyard and secured the fence for me. Way beyond the call of duty!

All that’s left is the lonely, short stump.

I still have some repair to do on the fence, however.

I think, I’ll wait until this next winter weather blows through.

Now I get to decide what kind of tree (or trees) I would like to have in the back yard! Another chance to change my world!

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Today after school I asked my neighbor if I could borrow some tools to secure my yard until the fence gets fixed. When I got home I found him already at work on the hole in the fence. I have THE BEST neighbors. He helped me, rather I helped him, do this to my fence:

It’s a little hard to see but there’s a chicken wire fence around the gaping hole.

He also left me with this: (I am Woman, Hear me Roar!!!!!!)

so I took this pile……..

and did this……

and put it here……

and now my yard looks like this…..

I’ll get the rake out on the next 60 degree day and clean the rest of the trashy limbs up. Besides, I’m sure I burned far more calories that I took in today and this will give me some exercise sometime in the new year!

I still have this to deal with on the outside of the fence. It will have to be done by professionals!

My branch pile is not at neat as my neighbors….

(But I think I win by volume! ) The chain saw made things so much easier and faster and I didn’t even cut off any of my own limbs!

While I was outside toiling away on the tree, Lucy was inside lounging on the Christmas quilt

To get caught up a litttle. Pete had his annual Christmas party this past weekend. I only got a couple of pics but here they are:

This is Pete pre-party carving the meat.

Here is one of Pete’s friends, Joe.

Everyone had a great time and the food was great as always.

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Never too old to learn

During the ice storm I learned many things.

I learned…..

1. That I can listen to top 40 radio for a couple of days and not be sent over the edge by the commercials and constant barrage of Christmas Music because I was so starved for news from “the outside world”

2. That it’s ok if my house only gets to 60 degrees when I normally have it at 70 degrees.

3. That I have great neighbors who invite me over for waffles when I don’t have electricity and who pile up my fallen branches when I’m at school.

4. That I can cook a baked potato on my kerosene heater. (I never got around to eating it but I now know it will work.)

5. That it’s great to have family close by who will drop everything and come to your aide in the cold rain to make you more comfortable.

6. That I have so many great friends who offered many times a warm dry place to stay if I needed it.

7. That I can almost knit a whole sock much faster than I thought I could and even do it in the dark!

8. That Pete thinks I over react in the face of adversity. (Let it be known that I did not once complain!)

9. That Pete is more benevolent than he wants everyone to know. He even offered a warm place to me AND my animals! I think the earth shook at that moment!

10. That I can operate a generator and learn to maintain a kerosene heater.

11. That the quietness of no electricity is good. I need my house to be silent more often.

12. I’m glad I bought the work boots last winter during the snow storm.

13. That even though ice storms are extremely treacherous, the ice itself is often beautiful.

14. That it’s a good thing to have a collection of flashlights and batteries.

15. That I’m glad it’s all over. I’m just having to deal with insurance and my back fence. Hopefully it will be an easy thing!

16. That I’m really fortunate. Many of my students and some of the teachers at my school are going on their 6th day without electiricty. My little 48 hours pales in comparison.

17. That I would never have made it as a pioneer woman. I like my electric appliances and central heat/air.

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Ice Storm Top Ten

Now that my power has returned (it was out a little over 48 looooong hours!) I need to play catch up on my news.

Today is the top ten things you can do without electricity (some require the use of a generator). p.s these things are in no particular order!

1. Figure out a way to knit in the dark with a flahslight perched on your shoulder

2. Wash dishes by hand (also helps to keep you warm)

3. Curl up next to a warm flame.

4. Make breakfast

5. Take pictures of the candles you are using for lighting.

6. Set up a generator in the cold, cold rain (Thanks Dad and Bud for your help!)

7. Make breakfast (day 2) Thanks to the generator!

8. Take pictures of knitted Christmas gifts. These little bags will make 7 little girls very happy! (they were all knit from yarn in my stash…..almost)

9. Drive around town and take pictures of icy things.

10. Somehow enjoy the splendor of the ice.

I’m very happy to have my power returned. We’ve missed 3 days of school because of so many schools in our district without power. I won’t know about school tomorrow until later this evening. We are expecting another winter storm this weekend but it’s supposed to be snow. I think I’ll keep the generator a little longer!

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