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*Warning* this post contains bloody pictures!

Last night I caught Squirrel #3. It has been so windy that I could not keep the trap on the roof (next to the hole they are using as a door) .

This time the trap was only on the roof for about 15 minutes before I got it!

This one was so mad that he tried to chew through the trap and bloodied his mouth a bit.

Pete was here this time and after tormenting it, we took it to the lake to join the others. He thought he would be funny and wanted to watch the squirrel jump from the back of his Expedition down to the ground when it left the trap. He did not bargain for the squirrel leaving out the back of the trap and into his car. Fortunatley, the critter didn’t stay very long.

Pete also thinks I am trapping squirrels from the whole neighborhood and that I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life. I’ve decided if it keeps them out of my attic, it’s fine with me.

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Caught #2 and counting! Nasty little buggers!

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Gotch’ Ya!!!!!

This is the second round of squirrels trying to nest in my attic. This time however, they have been a lot more agressive and have even been know to look down at me and tease me with their chatter. I swear they stuck their tongues out at me.

But, I got the last say for this one.

My rodent trapping friend, Forrest, (who now lives in Nebraska) left me his trap and taught me how to use it. He said the best bait is peanut butter or strawberry jam. I threw in a few peanuts for good measure.

I tried calling animal control to come take him away, but they don’t do that. I then called a pest control guy and he charges $75 to come and take it away even if it is already trapped.

So….. I loaded him up in my trunk

and took him (advice from the pest control guy: take the squirrel 10-15 miles away and across a major highway) across NW expressway to the lake.

It’s a nicely wooded area. I’m sure he’ll make friends quickly (especially if he wants to keep warm at night).

He did get leave me with a gift.

(yes those are squirrel turds)

That’s OK, I have reset the trap. Maybe I’ll be relocating another one today!

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