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I have several events to post but since today is Independence day….I’ll start here….

Each year, if I can, I go to the Independence day parade in my hometown.  It’s always a GREAT parade and the people of Kingfisher show of their patriotism in style!  There were politicians giving away everything from ink pens, to cups of ice cold lemonade, bottles of cold water, to flags.  The parade had horses, numerous fire trucks, cheerleaders, motorcycles, old cars, horse and buggy, old legionnaires, big tractors, big cars, little cars and bicycles.  There’s not a lot to say…so I’ll just give it to you in pictures!










I LOVE small town parades!!!

Happy July 4th to Everyone!!!

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It was another FABULOUS Thanksgiving feast for our family…..

LOTS of food…

Prepared by the best cooks you’ll find anywhere…. (which included some wild turkey killed by Hunter….we ignored the arrow holes in the breast meat…LOL)

Desserts to die for!

And best of all….GREAT company…

(somehow missed getting Mom in the picture….!)

After we put down our forks and cleaned up the dishes….we collapsed…

Wayne just had foot surgery and is enjoying all the help he gets….LOLOLOL

Shoppers getting ready for black Friday….

And here is the true sign of a GREAT Thanksgiving meal….

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Thanksgiving was another great success.  Great Family and wonderful food…..what more could you want or ask for?  Here are some highlights of the day.  (JW was the star of the show ….again!)

The Younger Generation and their technology!

Hunter and the whole football team has a mohawk because they are 3 games away from being state champs!  Good luck Hunter!

Christmas…..here we come!

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My mother’s garden is magic this time of year. Here is our Thanksgiving rose picked the day before turkey day.

It looks great with her stained glass red hat.

Here are some pics from the rest of turkey day. We had a great time……ate a lot and laughed a lot. It ended way too fast!

and Dad doing what he enjoys best:

Hunter took these belly comparison pictures. Like father, like son???

Papa has also become a great playmate for JW.

He just doesn’t get up and down as fast!

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