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I DID IT!!!!!



Today, July 20, 2012, I completed my goal of walking/riding 500 miles!!!!!!  I really thought it would take me much longer!  I asked Steve, my trainer, what another reasonable goal would be to complete the year.  After some discussion, we decided my goal would be to keep doing 100 miles per month.  So….that’s what I’ll do.  Maybe I’ll have 1000 by the end of the year!



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I have a love/hate relationship with goals.  Most often I fail miserably and am then discouraged, but I keep setting them, hoping for a better outcome each time.

One goal I set each summer is that each day I have to complete a “project”.  I get to choose the project and it can be anything from cleaning the kitchen, purging clothes, assembling furniture, baking, or sometimes its just getting out of bed.  I’m happy to report that I have lived up to my goal of daily project competition!!

Back in January, in the midst of the cancer treatment, I was inspired by a blog I follow.  in 2011 she made the goal to walk 1000 miles in 1 year.  Now, she was a full time writer and had the luxury of spending 2-3 hours a day walking.  I however did not have that kind of time or energy so I cut it in half.  I talked to my trainer and told him I wanted to walk 500 miles in 2012 (this was already at the end of January) but also wanted to know how to convert stationary bike miles in to walking miles.  His response?….why convert them, just count them!!  I said OK!!!!  AT that time I was struggling to walk much more than a mile after my treatments everyday and I was riding my bike about 3-4 miles at a time.  I have NOT exercised everyday.  There are some weeks that I only get one workout done….I do have a life!!

I am SO happy to announce that at the end of June (halfway mark) I have completed 423.5 miles!!!!!  I am now working up to 3 miles of walking at a time and today I rode 11 miles on my bike (only stopping to take a drink of water).  Right now I’m nursing a bad blister on my heel so I’m having to ride my bike instead of walking.  So I’m thinking I might reach my 500 mile goal by the end of July!!!!  Not bad for an old, fat woman, recovering from breast cancer!  I wonder what my final mileage will be for the year?!?!?!

My trainer has been a wonderful encourager and helping me push a little harder and go a little further each time.  Thanks Steve!!!

I’m still working on my other goal of losing 10 lbs before school starts.  I think I need to stop snacking! 🙂  And we’re not going to talk about my goal of cleaning the garage…..

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