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Life for Sale

After Mom sold her antique business, my sister and I decided to take our stuff out of the store and have a garage sale and get rid of it. We were tired of messing with it and were ready for the next chapter/project of our lives. So we packed it up and stored it until this summer and then re-priced it and had a garage sale at my house.

Now you have to understand a few things. First, my garage was full of all this really great stuff for a week and I couldn’t get my car in at all. We set it up to look as nice as possible and were expecting great things. Secondly, my sister and I both had been watching the weather like a hawk to make sure it was going to be OK. It had not rained almost the entire month of June and had been really hot, etc. The weather all week had said either no rain or 20% chance rain. So here’s what happened:

for TWO hours it did this:

We had to leave the glassware out in the rain because there wasn’t room in the garage for it all to fit.

Even the Bluejay was disgusted!

Believe it or not, we had more business during the lulls of the rain than we did when the sun came out!

It finally cleared up and got sunny that afternoon.

It rained on us again on Sat. so we finally gave up and took it all to the thrift store. We were glad to be rid of it!

My sister has suggested that the next time there’s a drought, I need to plan a garage sale! It if will bring on rain when we need it, I’ll sacrifice myself!

The best part of it all was getting to spend time with my sister and my mom.

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