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Yes, once again it is our annual Valentine’s dinner…

The usual were in attendance…..

Pete and Lou

Bonnie and Dawn

Dawn (again…she’s not a twin…and that’s a good thing!) and Mom and Dad



Lou was very sweet and sent a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers..


I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures  of the meal but here is the  menu:

Rack of Lamb (SOOOOOO good)

Roasted Asparagus (my favorite)

Salad of my own creation:  Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and mozzarella cheese with Olive oil/basil/Italian dressing (was very good)

Cheese Biscuits (just like the ones at red lobster)

Plain old Mashed Potatoes made with red potatoes with the skins on and extra butter (great comfort food!)

I did, however, remember to take pics of the dessert as I was making it…

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Torte

Make a brownie-like cake.. (with 1 whole cup of cocoa!!!)

next ingredient…


yes, those are peanut butter cups and yes, you use all 10 of them!!!!!!



Elroy was supervising (and no…  my house is not on fire…it’s my humidifier)

Out of the oven…


put peanut butter between the layers…with peanut butter frosting and more chocolate on top and you have death by chocolate!  It was wonderful!


Elroy was trying to eat the flowers!


Elroy entertained us after dinner playing fetch….


Again, please?!?!?!


Dawn spent the night so we had breakfast the next morning….

Short Bacon… (ask Dawn!) and blueberry pancakes… (and you can see last’s night’s dessert in the background)



I’m not going to worry about counting the millions of calories I’ve enhaled this weekend….It’s Valentine’s day and they don’t count!


Thanks Pete, for the Valentine Heart filled with Hershey’s Kisses….and Bonnie for the DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookie and Dawn for the beautiful red mug and hot cocoa mix.


It was a wonderful evening with friends and family…..Thank you for coming!


p.s.  I’m not playing favorites with Elroy…Goldie likes to hide when I have company….she’s shy!


Happy Valentine’s Day!










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Yes, it has become an annual event that we either get ice or blizzard in January and miss several days of school!  2011 was not going to be left out of this party so yesterday we received about 12″ of snow (but who really knows since all it did was blow around into giant, albeit beautiful, piles!

Here’s a timeline…sort of…..

This is about 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning…

Outside my front door (the garden ornament at the end of the house is about 2.5 feet tall….to give you some perspective) during the thick of the blizzard

Out the backdoor (same time)

Mother Nature’s Artwork on my window

But here’s what we did all warm and snug inside:

(please notice the Elroy’s point toes….dreaming of being a dancer?!?!?!?!)

While I was knitting on the couch….Goldie sat in my lap and bathed…Here’s her action shot!

Here it is about noon on Tuesday as the storm is nearing it’s end (at least for snow…winds howled all day!)

Later in the evening…outside my garage door!

Yes….that’s a 13″ snowdrift I have to dig out before I can get my car out!

and…..This morning, Wednesday, about 8 a.m.

Elroy snuck out and tested the snow… He didn’t like it  much..

But yes….That’s SUNSHINE!!!  …. even if it was 3 degrees outside!  BRRRRRR………

Another visitor…..very cold and brave…..I wish I had some food to give him!

So….another day at home….wonder what I’ll do today?

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My good friends, Jeff and Wendy, just added a new baby to their family…and the tradition I started was to make each one a quilt.  This is the 7th one I’ve made for their family!!!!

Since I’m out of school for the holidays, I invited Mom down to help me make the quilt….and  yes it was a QUILT IN A DAY kind of day.

We started with this pattern and using some fabric from my stash and buying ONLY 2 1/8 yards….we were able to get it done!  We had quite a factory going in my sewing room.

Goldie and I did the cutting and ironing..

While Mom and Elroy took care of the sewing…

He was VERY interested in the sewing machine!

But soon tired of the whole business…

Quilt top finished!

I started with the solid color from my stash so I had to find something that matched it and came across the fish…and it was perfect!

The fun began again when we were layering the quilt together….

Goldie was holding down her side…so nice of her to help!

and now…one very cute quilt (this pic shows the actual colors much better!)

Don’t you wish you were a going under the sea with little baby Malachi?

Welcome to the world, Baby!

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As the holidays have whizzed by, I’ve been taking photos of the animals…..


Elroy seems to be the most photogenic….still acting like a kitten and all….


But Goldie can win the prize for being the prettiest!


Sometimes, there’s just no words…..




But don’t forget the dog!


Boys just do things so differently than girls…. (putting a whole new spin on eating)



A friend brought the felines some wheat grass…..they LOVE it!




My favorite Goldie pose…


The best part of Christmas…..TRASH!


This is how they “help” clean my office!



How can you resist kitty feet?


and my current all-time favorite….

a little out of focus, i know…but it’s those eyes!















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Mrs. Frosty

I really don’t know what got into me….I don’t normally do this sort of thing…but this year I decided to go all out.

 Our principals decided to host a “Festive Christmas Outfit” contest among the faculty.  The person who recieves the most votes (only faculty voting) will recieve a day off while the head principal subs for you for the day.  I really wasn’t interested in the prize as much as I was interested in WINNING!!!

 I had this costume at school the Mom had made for one of my performances 10 years ago.  I got it out, washed it and started in…..OH….MY…..what have I done?  Along with my friend, Dawn on the phone, shopping at Michael’s was a whole new experience….especially when all the Christmas stuff was 60% off.

Are you ready?  here are the pieces….

Snowman Costume….

My hat…of my own design…


Elroy wanted to come along also!

The final approach…

costume on…

final touches…

Here’s the final product……be warned……

The competition

We’ll see who wins!

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Because I’m so beautiful!!!!

Not me……the cat!  LOL

Goldie was feeling a little overlooked….needed to give her some time on the blog!

Sometimes the boy need a good washing……

and sometimes I let him curl up next to me a nap….i only PRETEND to like it : )

Mostly I just like to lay around and look pretty!

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Ahhhh…..this looks like a GREAT place to take a nap…….It was nice of that old lady who feeds me to give me this nice, velvety, well-lit place to sleep.

But dang it…..no one can see how handsome I am way back in this corner….guess I’ll have to move….


This is sooooooooo much better…….gee, I am but one handsome boy!

It’s a good thing she finally got that camera going!  This is my good side for sure….

Being a model is such hard work…I think I’ll take a nap…

Ahhhh……this is the life!!!

Hey!  could someone PLEASE turn out the lights!?!?!?

I need my rest!

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See this….  (yes, I know, the pictures are blurry…moving cats don’t make clear photos….grrr)

HE, Mr. Elroy, is the reason I had to put my Christmas Tree away today….


I had not gotten any ornaments on it yet….trying to see what would happen….

At first….there was this……Which is not all bad…in fact, quite cute…


Even Goldie got into the cuteness…

then this…….and I’m NOT happy….. (these are taken at about 5 ft. from the floor….he was VERY good at climbing up the tree!)


*sigh*…..maybe next year….

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The Kids

OK…..it’s the furry kind….but still kids…

Elroy has been growing, and growing, and eating, and eating, and eating……you get the  picture…..He does eat a LOT!

Here’s his favorite place to sleep while I’m knitting on the couch….

Even though he is eating me out of house and home….He’s only about half the size of Goldie.

Here they are at their posts while I’m cooking in the kitchen….


and of course, I have to have a picture or two of him being his cute self…


Then TODAY…I decided to put up the Christmas Tree……Elroy decided to help



Not sure if chewing on the lights is a good thing…..we could be having our own version of Christmas Vacation….***sigh****


No…I didn’t forget Goldie….She’s the same sweet girl who likes to sit in my lap while I knit…and she doesn’t even bother the yarn….anymore!



I’m playing catch-up on blog posts this weekend…..be ready for more!




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Elroy is growing….slowly it seems….compared to Goldie…he’s a midget…

but he is rather possessive of his food…

I don’t know why he does puts his paw in the dish EVERYTIME he eats.  He doesn’t mind if Goldie shares the food at the same time….weird.

I finally had to put the bowl on a silicon hot pad…He was constantly pushing it off onto the floor….usually when it was full.  Oh well, the dog enjoyed the treat!

He is getting used to the yarn everywhere.  Still can’t resist it when he’s in my lap and I’m knitting.  a few more swats on the head and he should be ok with it then! LOL

but he does like to cuddle with it!

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