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I keep finding odds and end photos on my computer and I always say “I really need to get that blog post written and loaded”…..but I never get it done.  So I’ve decided to just post some pictures with some explanation.  They will be totally unrelated…but that’s OK with me!

Here goes…

Last year, during the whole cancer business, one of my 8th grade girls brought me a breast cancer awareness bracelet….

I thought it was incredibly kind.  She also bought herself one so that she could show her support.  Wow!  I have pretty amazing students!  Kylie moved to Las Vegas a few weeks after she gave me the bracelet but now every time I wear the bracelet I will think of her.  (yes, I am the pasty white arm on the left!  She was also about a foot taller than me too!)

In July, (I think), Mom, my sister and my niece got together to make jewelry.  We try to do this at least once a summer because we all love to do it!  So here’s our creations!

we always make such a mess!  LOLOL

Mr. Elroy makes me laugh….here are some of my favorite pictures of him.  Some were taken with my phone so they aren’t so good….

He often sleeps like this…and in the middle of whatever I’m working on…..and I have to check to see if he’s still breathing because he looks dead…..

2 different naps ….2 different days…..same old pose….

One night….while working at my computer desk, it got kinda hot….so I turned on the fan….and this is where he put himself….between me and the fan…and again, laid right on top of the paperwork I was working on…..crazy boy cat!

I LOVE cat paws…..these are Goldie’s….and they are HUGE!

I knitted this little sweater for Kaylore….It actually fits her perfectly and I think it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen….if I do say so myself!!!!

This summer I was invaded by tiny ants…..I planned an ant massacre…..and it worked!!!  You can find anything on the internet!!!

I helped JW with his back to school backpack by embroidering his name on it……

It came with a wallet and everything…..and I think he liked it just fine!

It’s hard to believe he’s in 1st grade already!  Wow!!!

Ok….I think I’m all caught up….Oh Wait!  I almost forgot to celebrate!

Last week I went in for my yearly mammogram (and the first one since my diagnosis and surgery) and I’m proud to announce that ALL IS GOOD!!!  No reason for extra pictures, or procedures!  I’m so very extremely thankful!

Until next time!


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Just as I was beginning to get the bedroom underway, my Sony 27″, top-of-the-line-in-it’s-day TV finally gave up the ghost.  The picture had turned hour glass shaped and it was difficult to read the score of the Thunder games!  And it finally quit responding to my pounding on it to get the picture back to normal.  So….I upgraded….to current technology.



Once again, my fabulous nephew, Bryan, came and installed it for me!!!

I put the cabinet together….With a little help from Mr. Elroy….

I really LOVE it!  It has built-in Wifi so that when my Cox Cable contract expires in December, I can downgrade my service and subscribe to Netflix and maybe Hulu and save myself a ‘bundle’  LOLOL

Thanks Bryan and Mr. Elroy for helping me!!

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Each summer, I try to do something constructive/destructive to my house that will improve the living conditions or contribute to the ongoing purging project.  This year, it’s BIG!

This is my bedroom….

I LOVE my bedroom…it’s cozy, warm, cave-like and my escape to slumber land each night.  I’ve had the antique furniture, which is quite nice, for  25+ years and it has served me well.  It added to the coziness to the room.

But….about a month ago…..the light above my head turned on and said “IT’S TIME FOR AN UPDATE”…..and I had to agree.  The piece of carpeting I was using was old, stained and gross.  The wood floor, which is the original wood floor from when the house was built in 1958, still had the same 1958 finish and it too was stained and gross.  I checked the budget and decided to dive in head first.

I called my go-to-guy and we got started.

But during this process….I’ve been living like a hoarder.

Sleeping on the twin sized guest bed with only a small, narrow path to the bed. I’m limited on clothing because there are 2 sets of mattresses sharing the room and blocking the way to the dressers where my everyday clothes are stored.  Needless to say…I’ve done laundry often!  The antique furniture is in the garage, and my stuff is anywhere I can find a place for it to land.

My office has an even smaller trail….

And the Kitchen is packed as well….(sorry….some of these pics were taken hurriedly with my phone)

I’m looking forward to putting everything back in it’s place…and PURGING a LOT of the ‘stuff’.

Phase #1 –  paint the walls.

I settled on a nice “morrell” color. It’s actually a dark caramel or coffee with LOTS of creamer….and I love it!  (the big white stripe?  Well, when I painted the room green I stupidly hung an embossed/paintable wallpaper border….it was a really stupid idea) I hurriedly got it painted before they came to redo the floors.  During the floor process (do a step, wait a day, storm comes through, wait a day, do 8 steps, wait several days for drying) I….

finished the walls – 2 coats – same day….thought I was gonna die!!!!

painted the trim….(and yes, this is just the primer coat…..but the trim is almost white….

and the ceiling…(why I waited to do this last is beyond me!) no pics…but now it’s nice a clean and matches the trim.

Now the painting is done until the crown molding is installed and the quarter round is put down.  Then it’s just filling in nail holes and touching up the paint.  I still need to paint the doors but will do that after I get all the stuff out of the garage that belongs in my room.

Phase 2 – the floors – (mixed in with the painting….)

Before – (see what I  mean????  old and ratty looking!)

After the first initial sanding…These guys were GOOD!!!

Mr. Elroy doing his inspection….

final product is beautiful!!! (I think it’s still wet from the polyurethane but it shows the grain well!)

I’m SOOO excited and love the floors!!!

I’ll keep you updated as the room is put back together!

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It seems forever since I’ve been on this blog.  I’m hoping since summer has arrived I’ll be more diligent and creative…..I’m ready!

Years ago I began an investment in a cancer insurance policy……and it ended up paying BIG….so….after I got myself out of some debt, put some in an investment acct and combined it with my national board money and my tax refund….I’m treating myself!

My first ‘treat’?!?!?  A new sewer line in the back yard…What ?!?!?!  you don’t think a sewer line is a treat?  Well…..NOW I won’t have to worry about having the line cleaned out…on a weekend….when the washing machine is full of wet laundry,…..believe me….it’s a treat!


Next, I decided the cheap rug in the living room HAD TO GO!!!!!  It was a cheap one from Walmart and it was gross, the wrong color, wouldn’t lay flat and was just down right UGLY!  But not anymore!  I had a piece of carpeting bound and put carpet pad underneath it and WOW!!!!  It’s like walking on a cloud!

I took this picture with my phone….it’s not really purple….it’s a lovely beige….

My friend Susan and I Hauled it home in my car….and there was even room for her to ride inside the car too!  LOLOL


There are more treats to come….I’ll keep you posted!  🙂


Harvest has begun in earnest in Kingfisher.  I took this pic with my phone from my car….It’s not my family but it sure was pretty as I was driving by….

Dad is really missing being in the middle of harvest this year.  He had a stroke in March that affected his vision….by brother took away his combine license.  I’m just glad he’s OK with it.

J.W. is growing like a weed…..here’s what it looks like to be 7 years old….

He has his summer haircut….the whole baseball team has the same cut….boys….LOLOL

I have started knitting again….and I’m in love with these mittens…

I see many variations of these on my needles this summer!

Goldie kept me company while I was knitting…

And Elroy tried to help….until he fell asleep while trying to play with the yarn…..such a man! LOLOL

Rusty was not thrilled with his last bath….can you tell?!?!?


I am finally beginning to feel better.  It’s one of those things where you don’t know how bad you feel until you feel better!?!?!?  It has taken MUCH longer than I expected to get my energy back.  I’m actually beginning to feel like my OLD self again!  It’s a good feeling!  Each year I write a handwritten note to each of my 8th grade students….tell them how much I appreciate them and love them…..When I handed them out….I cried….because I feel like I cheated them by being gone so much and feeling like crap the days I was there most of the time.  They were SO sweet…and I got LOTS of hugs that day.  Sometimes middle school kids are awesome!  I’m ready for the summer to have the time to continue getting stronger.  But I’m also ready to begin a new school year…without the weight of cancer on my heart and mind.

Happy Summer!!!


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Mr. Elroy

I’m so very thankful to have my furry children to keep me company.  But I have to say that Mr. Elroy is the most entertaining of the three. (I apologize in advance for the bad picture quality….these are all from my phone)

I think he has ESP with bed sheets.  He seems to know the moment they go on the bed….and he always ends up here….every time! I have no idea how long he would stay under the sheets…I’m afraid he’ll pass out from lack of oxygen so I always drag him out….


He also has a thing for laundry baskets…..doesn’t matter if it’s full or empty….he LOVES them…


and of course, he’s always ready to lend a paw when I’m working or playing on the computer….



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My poor garden…..

I haven’t posted any pictures because…well….there isn’t much to show.  We’ve had a record number of days above 100 degrees and very little rain.  We wake up to 80+ degrees and go to bed with degrees still in the 90s…

Last weekend we had a little reprieve and got some really good rain (at least at my house!)  So I took some pictures of my happy plants…

The  rose moss seems to be the happiest.  It looks better than it has in years!




The lantana seems to be fareing well also…




The Basil plants are doing ok.  I’m trying to let them get bigger before I harvest too much.


My patio tomato plant seems to be doing well.


I harvested my first tomato yesterday….but it needs a day or two to ripen.  I had to beat the birds to it so I harvested it a day or so early.

Beautiful isn’t it?


Mr. Elroy agrees!


Stay cool!


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The cats plus me makes three….and then there was…..Maverick….


Here’s the story…..

My niece, Donna, wanted a dog after she was married and got herself a brown and white spotted, full blood, registered, Cocker Spaniel….and named him Maverick.  Life was good for Maverick…he was an only child.  Then came along baby, Kaylore…..16 months ago.  Maverick, being himself, was too rowdy and rambunctious so he was banished to the backyard…except for sleeping then he got to come inside to the laundry room.

Fast forward 16 months…..Baby Karver joins the family and poor Maverick….

When I lost my last dog, July, Donna asked me if I wanted to adopt Maverick, knowing how little attention he was getting at home.  My initial response was No…er…maybe BUT not until school is out IF i say yes.  Well…..I felt badly for Donna AND Maverick so about 2 weeks before Karver was born, I agreed to take in the dog.

Well……the first week was …um…..stressful for both of us.  I got him on a Monday night, then Tuesday morning, he had surgery (um…you know…) then on Friday he went to the vet for a really BAD ear infection in both ears. That’s a lot happening when you’ve been thrown into a foreign land.  The CATS….OMG….the cats were in SHOCK!  The first night they sat poised at the foot of  my bed listening to the dog making noise in the bathroom.  I honestly don’t think they slept a wink all night! (I didn’t sleep much either.)

I put out a plea for help on FaceBook and my friend Cindi gave me a set of dog training lessons she had purchased at a charity auction!  What a GREAT friend!  So far we have had 3 lessons and life is MUCH better.  He’s learning doggie manners and I even like him sometimes!  He’s still on probation….he has snapped at me and the trainer in the class so time will tell.  Can’t have a dog who bites.  I was told to never trust him around young kids….

The cats have accepted him…mostly.  At first chasing the cats was a fun game.  Now, he would LOVE it if they would play with him.  He tries to engage them in a game of chase…OFTEN….but the cats just don’t see the need.  They get along….don’t  hiss at the dog and are pretty much themselves again.

Here are some pictures.  I have TRIED to get pictures of him several times but they all turn out like this….




His favorite toy…


His goofy grin….


Elroy wasn’t interested in Maverick’s photo shoot….


My favorite out of focus shot….Not sure how it happened…but it’s cool!

and then there were 4….

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