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Whew!  Just writing these blogs is making me tired all over again!!!  But I think this was my favorite project because all I had to do was go shopping!!!  I had to choose the new countertop and faucet…..not a bad deal!

My bathroom was great….except for the countertop….


It is the original 1958 counter top and sink….and it’s been functional but far from appealing.

The formica used to have sparkly flecks….but all that plus more has been worn and scrubbed off through the years…

The sink was rusting and pieces were falling off…weekly….

Sooo….I jumped off the cliff and decided to do a new countertop in some sort of stone…

On the day of installation my go-to-guy came to do the demolition….

WHERE DID THAT WALLPAPER COME FROM?????  Ive never seen it and was glad I didn’t have to strip it off!!

But it was worth all the mess and waiting….


It’s Beautiful and I LOVE it!  It’s a man-made quartz that is almost indestructible.  It requires NO maintenance and is cleaned with something like 409.  We had a bit of drama with the faucet and I ended up with my 2nd choice…but it looks GREAT!!! and it will last much longer than my lifetime!


I’m a happy girl and my bathroom is complete!


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