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My friend Dawn and I have both decided to step off the edge start a new business….separately.  This past weekend we rented a booth at a craft fair in Stillwater, OK to show the world our talents and try to make a buck or two….

Here’s our booth…..

Dawn has become a self-published author of the most darling children’s books featuring Benjamin Boo.  Here’s her Author page….Dawn Cawthron Behren.

She takes her own photos and writes her own stories.  The books are available in full color soft-cover and Kindle e -books (and you can down load a free Kindle app for your iPhone, iPad or android phone).  They are adorable and kids LOVE them.  If you need some little kid gifts or just have a love of children’s books…you’ll want to purchase these for sure!

I have ventured into recycling thrift store sweaters….into designer pillows.  I’ve opened a 2nd Etsy store called Aunt J’s Knit Knacks.  I’ve also included some of my hand knit items.  I’ve saturated my gift market with hand knits…so I’ve decided to try and sell them!

Here are some of my favorites….

Elroy is always hanging around trying to help….but sometimes….it’s just exhausting….

or hot….(and yes….the fan is on…and he is blocking me from getting any of the cool air!)

Dawn has her books on consignment at a few stores in Stillwater and has sold a few.  I’ve sold a few pillows and hats in the Etsy store.  The craft show wasn’t as successful as we had hoped.  Discouraged?….midly…..heartbroken?….no way!

New adventures are good.  2011/2012 has been stressful and heartbreaking for both Dawn and I.  We have often commented that God never allows both of us to be in the depths of despair at the same time…..and we are thankful for that.  We are both happy for the solace that creativity brings us….and feeds our souls.

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I almost forgot that I started this post.  You won’t see one for July because I haven’t done NEARLY as much as I did in June…..does baking count?  LOL


Each summer, I challenge myself to do at least one project around the house per day.  It doesn’t have to be big….just has to accomplish SOMETHING.  I’m also a list person but have discovered that if I make a list of the things that NEED to be done in the summer….I find myself resisting and actually do less.  Weird, I know, but that’s me!  So I have decided to make a list of the things I’ve accomplished AFTER I do them.  It’s much  more rewarding that way!  Here’s a running tally of my lists since I was out of school, May 25 to the last day of June.

1.  Painted Bedroom walls, ceiling and trim (still need to paint doors)

2.  Purchased new bedroom furniture, including mattress (this took a LOT of shopping)

3.  Purchased new linens for new bed

4.  cleaned, painted and purged bedroom closet

5.  cleaned and purged the dresser and chest in the guest room and moved into my new furniture.

6.  cleaned and purged bathroom cabinet in preparation for new counter top

7.  purged tv cabinet, music case and book case in the living room

8.  assembled new tv cabinet

9.  installed new area rug in living room

10.  Helped disassemble the old Mr. Elm and cleaned up the mess after he was carted away.

11.  Balanced check book (had not been done since December…..used cancer as excuse…)

12.  knitted 1 scarf, 3 hats and finished a pair of mittens

13.  started cleaning garage

14.  walked/rode stationary bike 423.5 miles

15.  took a road trip to Iowa

16.  Took Parents to Dr. Appt.

17.  4 dr. appts of my own

18.  laid sod on new sewer line in the back yard.

19.  Did a bit of gardening

20.  Blogged

21.  washed all the winter scarves and hats

22.  Attempted to de-flea the animals (many baths, treatments and brushing….sigh…)

23.  Kept up the Etsy store.

24.  took lots of naps…

25.  Read a book

26.  Helped interview one of my new bosses.

27.  Watched and cheered for Thunder Basketball

28.  played with Kaylore and Karver and J. W.

29.  Ironed a basket of shirts (at least a dozen)

30.  Hemmed a dozen fabric napkins

31.  Stupidly agreed to serve on another choral directors board….sigh…when will I ever learn?!?!?!?!

32.  Spent a little time in the garden.

33. carted many bags of crap to the thrift store (and didn’t even go in to shop!)

34.  made breakfast for the nephews

35.  cleaned and purged linen closet

36.  Shredded 10 years of tax records.

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Remember this…..



Well…..It now looks like this….

Here’s all the things that happened in this room….

1.  Refinished 1958 wood floor (done by professionals)

2.  Painted walls, trim and ceiling (by me)

3.  New Furniture (Purchased after looking at every bedroom set in the city about 3 times)

4.  New Mattress, bedding and quilt (all purchased)

5.  New closet doors with mirrors (also installed by a professional)

6.  New Curtains and curtain rods (again…purchased)

7.  Purged LOTS of clothes and clutter (and it felt GREAT)

8.  Shoe Shelf (temporary fix….will be getting a bench that holds shoes to replace the shelf and chair)

9.  Created a new playground for the furry residents


Here are some things I need to finish….

1.  Paint doors….They are primed but the weather just go too hot to paint in the garage so when it finally cools down then I’ll finish that little job…

2.  Replace the shelf with the bench to hold shoes

3.  Replace the ceiling fan….It’s old and noisy….so I’ll be looking for a new one.

4.  Replace the door handles.  Some are original with the house some have been replaced but none match…It’s time for an update.


One day I needed some help so my friend Dawn came to help me position my furniture….That’s what BFFs do, right?



I LOVE my new cave!!  It’s more than just an updated room.  I think it represents the renewal and moving forward I needed after all the cancer crap.  The bulk of the work was done in 2 weeks (including the bathroom and couple of other minor projects).  I think I needed something new to prove to myself that everything was going to be alright again.  I am truly happy with my room and my life.  Thank you God!!!


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Crossing Over….

There’s something about turning 50…..I decided I could wallow in self pity or celebrate……I chose the celebration!

My good friend Dawn and I took a quick trip to Granbury, TX (at the recommendation of my friend Michelle) and we had a wonderful time!

We stayed in a charming B & B called “Manor of time”, (can you believe that I FORGOT my camera…so all of these are from my iPhone….sorry!)

It is listed on the Historical Register of Texas and is BEAUTIFULLY furnished!

and it had beautiful stained glass windows!

The second night, we were the only guests so Dawn tried out the pump organ…you can see the video here..(can you name that tune???)

It was just WONDERFUL!!!  We had a lovely room…which we stayed in a lot of the time because of the excessive heat….and because it was just so relaxing!

Granbury still has their original town square and it is full of nice shops, cafes and restaurants.  I think we checked them ALL out!!! (and brought home some lovely fudge!)

They were working on the town hall so we didn’t get to go in.  But I think the clock tower reminds me of the scary mansions in the old scary movies!  LOL  I kept expecting to see bats going flying about!

Our breakfasts we beyond delicious…and very elegant….

my favorite part of the breakfasts were the Dutch Babies…..total heaven on a plate!  Ours were filled with cherry preserves and chopped walnuts and a little whipped cream…..piping hot…right out of the oven…..O M G!!!!!

We had a wonderful time but the celebrating didn’t stop there….A week later, my nieces and sister and sister-in-law….put on a wonderful party!

It was filled with wonderful food…


and friends….

Thanks everyone….for helping me cross over into a new and exciting chapter of my life….

(Donna made this collage of pictures ….it was way fun!)

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Spring Break 2011

Well, folks, this year’s spring break has just FLOWN by but has been totally awesome!  Sadly, nothing I did was particularly photo-worthy but here’s a break down of this past week:


Sunday (last week) – Choir concert of the Harvard Men’s Glee Club (yes from THE Harvard University) and they were AWESOME.  Went with my good friend Bonnie and then had dinner with our good friends Boyd and Barbara whom I haven’t seen in quite a while.  Was fun and refreshing!


Monday – Spent the day in Frederick with my good friend Wendy and her 7 children (Jeff was working and unable to see me that day :)….missed you Jeff!)  The children are awesomely talented and I was given a concert of piano playing and singing!!!  The oldest 3 girls served lunch and dinner and what a treat that was!  I also got to see Wendy’s Mom’s House (Hi Jan!) and it was soooo cute!  I also got the kids hooked on Words With Friends (phone app version of scrabble) and we are continuing to have fun!  It was a full day of fun, visiting, catching up and refreshing a valuable friendship.  Thanks Wendy!


Tuesday – I stayed home but got a new haircut that I love!  Michelle always makes me look good!  Then shopped (for clothes, my semi-annual purchase of clothes for myself) until it was time to have dinner with Pete at Red Lobster.  It was a GREAT day!


Wednesday – I made the trek to Kingfisher to hang out with Mom and Dad.  Mom and I prowled the junk shops in town and had a blast!  Dad had lunch with us then went to the farm to “help” my brother…not sure about the help part! LOL


Thursday – Took Dad (and Mom) to his Eye Dr. appt. here in OKC.  Then had lunch, got Mom some upholstery shop supplies, sent them home then spent the afternoon in the kitchen baking….always a good time!


Friday – Spent the morning doing errands then the afternoon on the couch while the roast cooked in the crock pot.  My good Friend Ron joined me for a real home cooked meal and it was delicious.  We both ate too much!  The blackberry cobbler and ice cream was the best part!


Saturday – Went to Stillwater to spend the day with my good friend Dawn.  We literally shopped til we dropped but not before having lunch at the infamous Eskimo Joe’s.  It was a beautiful day to be out and about.


Sunday (tomorrow) will be the day I spend doing laundry, doing school work (that I avoided the whole week) and getting myself geared up for the last 9 weeks of school!


It was busy and it was fun!  And after putting all this in writing, I am reminded once again that I am rich in friends!  I am truly blessed!



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This past weekend I had a very busy, yet fun, silly and exciting day!


First….I purchased my very first iPhone 4!!!!!!  I now have all the bells of whistles of cell phone world and I LOVE it!  It’s taking some time to get used to but I’m catching on fast!



Then my Great-Niece celebrated her first Birthday!  It was a wonderful event!

She  was given LOTS of really great gifts….

Why is it that the kids like the tissue paper more than the gifts?  LOL



(That’s Donna, her mother, my niece)


She was appropriately dressed in her pink tutu and ballet slippers!


Ate some Strawberry Birthday cake…


I especially liked the little pile she left on her chest for eating later!  Smart Girl!



This Strawberry cake is what the one everyone got to eat….beautiful and delicious!


I made this cute cupcake hat for Kaylore…..but I didn’t get a picture of her wearing it yet!


I finally ended the day at “Beauty and the Beast” with 2 of my favorite friends….Dawn and Jayma




We had dinner before the show and laughed til we cried and continued the laughing until Dawn left the next morning.  It was an incredibly wonderful Saturday!












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Yes, once again it is our annual Valentine’s dinner…

The usual were in attendance…..

Pete and Lou

Bonnie and Dawn

Dawn (again…she’s not a twin…and that’s a good thing!) and Mom and Dad



Lou was very sweet and sent a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers..


I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures  of the meal but here is the  menu:

Rack of Lamb (SOOOOOO good)

Roasted Asparagus (my favorite)

Salad of my own creation:  Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and mozzarella cheese with Olive oil/basil/Italian dressing (was very good)

Cheese Biscuits (just like the ones at red lobster)

Plain old Mashed Potatoes made with red potatoes with the skins on and extra butter (great comfort food!)

I did, however, remember to take pics of the dessert as I was making it…

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Torte

Make a brownie-like cake.. (with 1 whole cup of cocoa!!!)

next ingredient…


yes, those are peanut butter cups and yes, you use all 10 of them!!!!!!



Elroy was supervising (and no…  my house is not on fire…it’s my humidifier)

Out of the oven…


put peanut butter between the layers…with peanut butter frosting and more chocolate on top and you have death by chocolate!  It was wonderful!


Elroy was trying to eat the flowers!


Elroy entertained us after dinner playing fetch….


Again, please?!?!?!


Dawn spent the night so we had breakfast the next morning….

Short Bacon… (ask Dawn!) and blueberry pancakes… (and you can see last’s night’s dessert in the background)



I’m not going to worry about counting the millions of calories I’ve enhaled this weekend….It’s Valentine’s day and they don’t count!


Thanks Pete, for the Valentine Heart filled with Hershey’s Kisses….and Bonnie for the DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookie and Dawn for the beautiful red mug and hot cocoa mix.


It was a wonderful evening with friends and family…..Thank you for coming!


p.s.  I’m not playing favorites with Elroy…Goldie likes to hide when I have company….she’s shy!


Happy Valentine’s Day!










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