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We are Thankful…..

Wednesday, my brother, David, was driving home from a job in Seattle, WA, (pulling the camping trailer he had been living in while there) with the help of my brother-in-law, Wayne. They got about 100 miles from home and had an accident.

The trailer was caught by the wind and started whipping. It broke itself loose from the pickup and went to the right and threw the pickup to the left, across the median, and into oncoming traffic (and a semi-trailer hauling pipe). They were sideways as the semi was bearing down on them but thankfully the angels turned the pickup and only caught the edge of the semi. It’s nothing short of miraculous that they both walked away from the accident alive with just bruises and shaken up.

We are thankful many times over.

David didn’t get many of his thing out of the trailer. It will take awhile to replace all the things that were lost. We’re thankful he’s here to replace them.

We truly believe that God and his angels had a hand in keeping them safe. We are thankful.

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