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Goodbye, Daisy Mae…..

It was a great 15 years.  We will miss you dearly.

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On the sly

Daisy hates to have her photo taken. I got this one at my parent’s house. She’s such a pretty dog.

Lucy on the other hand is somewhat of a ham. This is her princess imitation on the green velvet pillow.

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It’s “Meet the Family Week!”

I don’t mean my family I mean my animal family!

I’ll start with Daisy. Daisy came to me free. She was bred to be a cattle dog…..austrailian shepherd, border collie and blue heeler mix. She was probably worth a lot of money as a puppy but the people who had her just wanted to get rid of the puppies. My brother, David, found her for me and as soon as I saw her I knew she was my dog.

Daisy started to fetch VERY YOUNG. It was something she just did without being taught. Daisy was the best frisbee dog. I would have to hide the frisbees from her because she would never stop no matter how tired she was. She has always been a noisy dog…ie…..barks a lot and barks loudly which turns a lot of people off but not me. I think she’s perfect!

Here’s Daisy on the first day I had her: (please forgive the bad photography and bad quality of pics. They have been scanned in)

She was never the most graceful puppy…..

But how can you resist this face!?!

She has always loved the snow. Her favorite thing was to lick it out of the sky!

She’s 13 years old now and has slowed down considerably. She no longer plays fetch or Frisbee but still herds the whole house!

And she is as cute as always! Daisy the Wonder Dog….my loyal friend!

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