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Ok…..so I’m a little late with this post….but Hey….It’s summertime…and the living is eaaaassssyyyyy…..

So…On Sunday, I attended church with Bonnie.  It’s her home church, the one she grew up attending…..and it was GREAT!

After church, we had lunch at “the farm” where Bonnie was raised.  Bonnie’s Mom is a GREAT cook!!!  Lamb roast, harvard beets (that were grown on the farm) , broccoli salad and Strawberries and cake!!  Delicious!!  It was too good to take pictures!!

Bonnie’s Farm….

After a bit of a nap, we then ventured out to see the tourist attractions of Manning, Iowa!

First was the church…


The short story is that this country Lutheran church is 125 years old and the congregation was old and dying away.  They didn’t want to see the church fall into ruins so it was moved into town and is now a museum but you can rent it for weddings, funerals, etc.  The whole moving experience was on the show “Mega Movers” and there’s a condensed version of it on YouTube called “How to Move a 100 Year Old Church”  It’s worth the time to watch it.  It’s beautiful inside and out!  The move was 11 miles and it took 4 hours to complete.

Here are some shot of the inside.

Everything but the statue of Jesus was left in place for the move and not one pane of stained glass was cracked or broken.  The steeple was left in place also.  They had to take down electric lines and trim some trees.


Next was the Hausbarn.  (Here’s the link for more info and pictures German Hausbarn) It’s an old German Barn that was selected from a sister village in Germany, disassembled and shipped to Manning, then reassembled.  It’s the type of barn that provided living space for humans, animals and the loft was for drying grain.  Bonnie’s Mom, Gladys, is a docent for all these buildings, and she knows a LOT about all these buildings!

Here’s the barn..

Some of the inside…

Some of the sample brickwork…

There was also a beautiful craftsman style house and matching carriage house that was just beautiful!  Sadly, I did not take any pictures of it.  It is air conditioned and is actually still livable.  Some of the craftsman who worked on the hausbarn stayed there.

Then, I found a cornfield…of really tall corn…

and this will get a bit taller still…it hasn’t tasselled out yet!


Then it was back to the farm for Manning’s famous taco pizza and fresh watermelon!  What a truly delightful day!!!

On the way home we found one of the barns that has the painted quilt block on it.


It seems that this is a growing trend in Iowa and I just LOVE it.  Each farm (probably the farmer’s wife) chooses a different quilt block.  It’s very colorful!

The next day, I had the long boring drive home.  It was super hot and super windy and I had already seen all the scenery so it was very boring.

I had a FABULOUS vacation and FABULOUS hostesses!!!  Thanks to Bonnie and Gladys for showing me around Iowa!!!


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