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Well,  round 2 has almost passed us. Rain. Freezing rain. Sleet. Snow. We’ve had it all. It’s well below freezing with horrible wind which drops the temperature even more. Brrrrrr

Round 3 comes later today.


Mr. Elroy could not care less about the storm.


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As the holidays have whizzed by, I’ve been taking photos of the animals…..


Elroy seems to be the most photogenic….still acting like a kitten and all….


But Goldie can win the prize for being the prettiest!


Sometimes, there’s just no words…..




But don’t forget the dog!


Boys just do things so differently than girls…. (putting a whole new spin on eating)



A friend brought the felines some wheat grass…..they LOVE it!




My favorite Goldie pose…


The best part of Christmas…..TRASH!


This is how they “help” clean my office!



How can you resist kitty feet?


and my current all-time favorite….

a little out of focus, i know…but it’s those eyes!















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Christmas 2010

This video is just an overview of all the celebrations this year.  It was great to be with friends and family!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Season as well!



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Mrs. Frosty

I really don’t know what got into me….I don’t normally do this sort of thing…but this year I decided to go all out.

 Our principals decided to host a “Festive Christmas Outfit” contest among the faculty.  The person who recieves the most votes (only faculty voting) will recieve a day off while the head principal subs for you for the day.  I really wasn’t interested in the prize as much as I was interested in WINNING!!!

 I had this costume at school the Mom had made for one of my performances 10 years ago.  I got it out, washed it and started in…..OH….MY…..what have I done?  Along with my friend, Dawn on the phone, shopping at Michael’s was a whole new experience….especially when all the Christmas stuff was 60% off.

Are you ready?  here are the pieces….

Snowman Costume….

My hat…of my own design…


Elroy wanted to come along also!

The final approach…

costume on…

final touches…

Here’s the final product……be warned……

The competition

We’ll see who wins!

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When most of the world around me scurried around in the wind and cold today, going from store to store, searching for the perfect gifts….I was home BAKING my gifts.

Remember all that cookie dough I had stashed in my freezer?….well, it came out of hiding today….

I tested each batch to check quality control……

I can assure you with a great deal of confidence that they are GOOD!

I lost count of how many dozen I baked….

But my oven was in constant use for about 5 hours today…….

I think my favorite are the Red Velvet Cookies….

I baked them and then froze them……so then today all I did was scoop in the cream cheese frosting and make little cookie sandwiches…..



they are certainly very festive looking!

and believe it or not…..I don’t want to eat anymore cookies for a while..


Today’s cookies included: Red Velvet, peanut butter, Pecan Shortbread and Coconut/chocolate Pinwheels….can’t say that I could choose my favorite to eat….They were ALL good!


I bagged everything up and it’s ready to be delivered on Monday……I hope everyone likes them!

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Ahhhh…..this looks like a GREAT place to take a nap…….It was nice of that old lady who feeds me to give me this nice, velvety, well-lit place to sleep.

But dang it…..no one can see how handsome I am way back in this corner….guess I’ll have to move….


This is sooooooooo much better…….gee, I am but one handsome boy!

It’s a good thing she finally got that camera going!  This is my good side for sure….

Being a model is such hard work…I think I’ll take a nap…

Ahhhh……this is the life!!!

Hey!  could someone PLEASE turn out the lights!?!?!?

I need my rest!

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See this….  (yes, I know, the pictures are blurry…moving cats don’t make clear photos….grrr)

HE, Mr. Elroy, is the reason I had to put my Christmas Tree away today….


I had not gotten any ornaments on it yet….trying to see what would happen….

At first….there was this……Which is not all bad…in fact, quite cute…


Even Goldie got into the cuteness…

then this…….and I’m NOT happy….. (these are taken at about 5 ft. from the floor….he was VERY good at climbing up the tree!)


*sigh*…..maybe next year….

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