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At A Snail’s Pace

This past week was not the week for me to rack up miles on the treadmill.  It was one of those weeks when I put in 12+ hours of work each day and was left with absolutely no energy to walk another step.  In fact, I was so tired I didn’t even knit very much.

My total miles since the I started is still less than 10 miles.  At this rate I won’t get to buy new yarn until summer!!! Yikes!!!  Hopefully this week will be much better!

I did, however, read a book.  It was so nice to let my mind wander while my old body recovered for the day.

This is one of the books that was chosen for our book club:

Billie Letts is an Oklahoma author extrodinaire.  As a teacher of lower income students, the first half of the book was emotionally difficult to read (I threatened many times to put it down and never open it again) but my friend who chose the book kept telling me it would get better for the characters and it did.  Billie Letts is a master at creating quirky characters that seem to come to life.  I have to admit that it was difficult to put it down and was disappointed when it was finished.  I highly recommend this book.

So I’m back at my goal of 50 miles on the treadmill.  I’m getting closer to 2 miles at a time which would make me really happy.  We’ll see what this week brings.

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I have been a member of a book club for several years. It has been wonderful for me.

Since we each take a turn choosing a book for the club to read, it has gotten me out of my reading rut. I have found some wonderful authors and books. But best of all…..I get to be around people who let me talk about things other than music and school. I love all the different takes on the books we read and how far away our conversations go from the reading material.

We meet at a restaurant, eat a nice dinner and talk about the book. Often times the book discussion is very short and other conversation fills our time. I LOVE IT!

Unfortunately, I have missed about 6 months of book club. (Sometimes school gets in the way!). But I got to see everyone this month.

Meet…. Carol, Earline, Dorothy and Kathy. We were missing Heather and Mindy.
Our book this time was “Banker to the Poor” The club really liked it but I didn’t get a copy of the book in time to read it. I’ve now started it and will have to catch up on our next book…. “Pillars of the Earth.” It’s a really big book so I need to get reading!

I just finished a really good book that was suggested to me by my friend and fellow book club member, Dorothy: “Sleeping with Schubert.” I really, really liked it. A quick read with a really interesting story.

I’ll keep you updated in case you want to read along with us!

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Daily News

No pictures today, just verbage!

This is my busy week…..

Tonight I am going to the 7th grade football game at school. I have several players in my classes at school. They like it when teachers make an effort to watch them play. After the football game, I am going to the HS choir concert. It will be fun to see some of my former students.

Tomorrow night is my book club. We read this book:

It was a quirky book at the beginning but as you near the end, it all comes together nicely. I really liked it and it was an easy read. Kathy found it on the sale rack at the drug store. Whan a nice surprise! He has another book: Traveler. I might have to check it out.

Thursday is my choir’s fall concert. We are trying it during the day instead of at night. It’s already been a headache. The students are more than ready. I just hope they can keep their heads about them and sing as well as they do in class.
Thursday night is my friend Bonnie’s concert. She sings with Oklahoma City Community College Symphonic Choir under the direction of Ron Staton. It’s at 7 p.m. if anyone’s interested!

Friday after school I have a department meeting with the secondary vocal music teachers. It will have to be quick because everyone will be anxious for the weekend.

If I actually make it to all of this, I may have to fall in a heap Friday evening!

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