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Last summer, my mother’s apple tree was really prolific and produce an incredible amount of apples. We made apple butter, apple pies, apple bread and applesauce. We even resorted to peeling and slicing the apples to put in the freezer for a later time.

(this picture was taken last summer. Pete was really good at using the peeler/slicer.)

Well, the time was now.

I discovered I could make sugar free applesauce by using splenda instead of sugar which made my diabetic Peter, and many other sugar free friends, very happy. So when Pete ran out of applesauce, we decided to make more while I had the time away from school.

We took many pounds of sliced, frozen apples and cooked them in the mush which Pete took and smooshed through the strainer. (you had to keep your distance. He had quite a range of flying apple mush)

We ended up with this lovely sauce that we added splenda for sweetner and a dash of cinnamon.

I was given the job of preparing the jars and lids

After filling the jars, they then had to be cooked again to ensure proper preservation without poisoning anyone.

All this was for these beautiful jars of homeade applesauce. (13 in all)

Lucy was there to look queenly.

It’s amazing how much faster things go when you can skip the peeling and slicing step.

Enjoy, Petey!

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