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It’s done!!!

So here’s the finished product 

I have to move this often and I needed a place to keep my speaker that I use all the time. 


The trim is there to keep the stuff from falling off. Genius huh!?!?

I forgot to bring my zip ties but I’ll use those to keep the shelf in place and it won’t damagethe cart. 

Ok. On to the next project. 

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Mystery project 

So I got to play in the wood shop a little today. 

 Bought the board but used the leftover trim that was taken out of my house during the remodel. (See it pays to be a hoarder sometimes. ūüėä). 

Any guesses on what it’s purpose in life will be?  

My only hint is that it’s for school. Picture of the installation will come tomorrow. 


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I need a new boss 

My supervisor has begun to sleep on the job….


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The ice man cometh…..


I’m staying home for a few days!


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Well, ¬†round 2 has almost passed us. Rain. Freezing rain. Sleet. Snow. We’ve had it all. It’s well below freezing with horrible wind which drops the temperature even more. Brrrrrr

Round 3 comes later today.


Mr. Elroy could not care less about the storm.


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Here it is the day after Christmas and it’s pouring rain. This morning it was in the 60s and horribly humid. Now my back yard is turning into a lake and it’s getting colder.  


You can see how hard it’s hitting my neighbor’s roof 

We are supposed to get ice then snow. Depending on my electricity availability I will keep you posted….

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I am loved….

You know you are loved when a sweet 6th grade student brings you a Christmas gift…..and one for your cats too!!   


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At the beginning of the year our students were asked to write down one word that describes them. These cards were then hung on the wall in the main hallway. 

This is my favorite one. It appears they are flexible in spelling as well as life. 


We should all be so flexibal…er…flexabil….er….flexible.  Heck. Just call it creativity!!

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Merry Christmas?

Caught playing in the lights…..I think he could be the feline Santa…..

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Beauty and the Beast. 

Ice can be an incredibly beautiful part of nature and yet so destructive. Here’s a bit of both 

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