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My friend Dawn has had a difficult  year, dealing with aging parents….and I am just keeping my nose above water at school so we decided to have a play date.  We met in Guthrie, OK….at at The Boneyard Grill—which I might add is FABULOUS BBQ (sorry, no web site)

(very, very windy day…and yes, I do wear  my hair down….occasionally LOL )


Then we ventured to the Yarn Shop…..certainly a reason to drive to Guthrie….

After touching everything in the store and arguing about what color is burgundy and what color is purple….I still say the sweater was purple….We scored this yarn…



It’s beautiful….soft…..colorful….and PERFECT for a scarf for Dawn!  But my Christmas knitting will have to come first!


We did a bit of shopping and was sooooo disappointed that the store that had these boots on display was closed….



Probably for the best….we would have fought over who got to buy them…..tee hee….!


We had sooooo much fun and it was certainly a great therapy day!


After I got home I made these cookies….



Red Velvet cookies….will have cream cheese frosting sandwiched between too cookies when I give them away….


The recipe is SUPER easy….got it from Bakerella…just take a red velvet cake mix….stir in a stick of butter and 2 eggs….

scoop them out on your cookie tray (and I ALWAYS use parchment paper under the cookies….bakes great and no clean up)


Can’t wait to get them out of the freezer and add the frosting!


Now I’m off to Thanksgiving with the family….photos will be taken!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!








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Keeping Babies Warm

Yes, I have been knitting…..just not FINISHING any knitting.  I’ve had a bad case of ‘startitis’ which means I have a bajillion things started…and nothing finished.  So….here’s the newest baby sweater:



I’m doing what I can to keep babies warm this winter…



Let’s see what I can finish this week!


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A Double Blessing

My friend, Andria, lost her 21 month old grandson a couple of years ago.  He passed in his sleep and the reason for his death has never been determined.  It was a horrible grieving process for the entire family as you might imagine.

God has blessed them with a double blessing….twin girls!  Everyone is so excited.  The babies will arrive this fall but the bootees arrived today (well…I finished them today!)

Personally, I can’t imagine having everything doubled….but they are thrilled with the double blessing!

The piano keys are there to show how small these are!

These were fun….!  Free Pattern

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Babies Galore!

We’ve had a rash of baby showers at school.  Here are the latest gifts…

Baby Blue sweater and booties:

and The Girlie Girl sweater!  (my newest favorite pattern!)  I actually knit this in less than 1 week, while working and doing yard work!  Very easy knit!

Gotta find a new project now!

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Things Knitterly

Remember the Lion hat I made for a Christmas Gift?  Well, here it is in action…..

Pake calls it “kitty-Kitty” and loves wearing it around the house.  Thanks for the pictures Jarren!

And…..I have set a new record for myself.  I started this sweater just 10 days ago and I’ll be wearing it tomorrow!  Amazing!!

It’s called the Aurora Shawl Collar Cardigan and it’s made with Cascade Ecological Wool in the color Grey Brown.

It’s done with larger yarn and larger needles so the knitting goes quickly.  It also only has 2 seams (shoulder) and the rest is done in the round.  Simple but very nice.

The button came from my button jar.  It’s perfect!

I already have another sweater picked out….but have other knitting I HAVE to do this week for a gift……darn!

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Just in the nick of time

I didn’t reach my goal of having this afghan finished by the end of the olympics but I did finish it…….Ta….Da……!  Just in time for spring!

I like that it’s sort of reversible.

The front:

the back side:

I hate having to worry about which side of the blanket is showing when I’m using it!

I also like the way I finished the edges……nice and smooooooth!

And it has been cat approved!

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So….the Olympics come to a close which means the Knitting Olympics do as well.

I didn’t quite finish my afghan…..life, work, exhaustion and allergies got in the way…..yeah, yeah….I’m whining!  LOL

But…..Here’s where I started…..

Here is halfway……

and here’s where I am today…..44″ long.

It’s still about 16″ short of where I want it to be but it’s far enough along that I can see an end so it WILL get finished.  Just need to keep working so I can have it done before warm weather hits….it’s REALLY warm!

I had my own cheering squad…..if you call sleeping cheering?!?!?!?  Oh, well, they were good company!

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