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Babies Galore!

We’ve had a rash of baby showers at school.  Here are the latest gifts…

Baby Blue sweater and booties:

and The Girlie Girl sweater!  (my newest favorite pattern!)  I actually knit this in less than 1 week, while working and doing yard work!  Very easy knit!

Gotta find a new project now!

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Things Knitterly

Remember the Lion hat I made for a Christmas Gift?  Well, here it is in action…..

Pake calls it “kitty-Kitty” and loves wearing it around the house.  Thanks for the pictures Jarren!

And…..I have set a new record for myself.  I started this sweater just 10 days ago and I’ll be wearing it tomorrow!  Amazing!!

It’s called the Aurora Shawl Collar Cardigan and it’s made with Cascade Ecological Wool in the color Grey Brown.

It’s done with larger yarn and larger needles so the knitting goes quickly.  It also only has 2 seams (shoulder) and the rest is done in the round.  Simple but very nice.

The button came from my button jar.  It’s perfect!

I already have another sweater picked out….but have other knitting I HAVE to do this week for a gift……darn!

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Just in the nick of time

I didn’t reach my goal of having this afghan finished by the end of the olympics but I did finish it…….Ta….Da……!  Just in time for spring!

I like that it’s sort of reversible.

The front:

the back side:

I hate having to worry about which side of the blanket is showing when I’m using it!

I also like the way I finished the edges……nice and smooooooth!

And it has been cat approved!

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So….the Olympics come to a close which means the Knitting Olympics do as well.

I didn’t quite finish my afghan…..life, work, exhaustion and allergies got in the way…..yeah, yeah….I’m whining!  LOL

But…..Here’s where I started…..

Here is halfway……

and here’s where I am today…..44″ long.

It’s still about 16″ short of where I want it to be but it’s far enough along that I can see an end so it WILL get finished.  Just need to keep working so I can have it done before warm weather hits….it’s REALLY warm!

I had my own cheering squad…..if you call sleeping cheering?!?!?!?  Oh, well, they were good company!

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Ok, the knitting olympics are coming along SLOWY.  I was hoping to have more to show but life has gotten in the way.



It now measures 33″ long.  The pattern says to make it 55″ but since I have the yarn I think I’ll make it a bit longer.  We’ll see how long my patience with the whole project lasts! LOL

the annoying things…….wellll….

this is one of them….

in many ways….. (she is actually sleeping here….but dreaming of yarn!)

Sometimes I think she wants to take over the computer too!

she’s always so helpful when I’m knitting but once in a while she leaves me alone and sleeps next to me!

the other annoying thing is the cable on my interchangeable knitting needle is defective and keeps coming apart and all the stitches fall off and I have to thread them back on the cable.  Very tedious and very annoying!  I’ve been trying to deal with it  but yesterday I reached my limit.  So I made the trip to the yarn shop and they are going to replace it but it has to be ordered so who knows when I’ll get it.

I may not get the afghan finished during the Olympics but I will be close!  It would be great to have another BIG project finished, especially since it is using up a lot of my yarn stash!

more later!

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Knitting and the Olympics

In the land of knitters, there are many different versions of the “Knitting Olympics.”  Some require you to begin a new challenging project during opening ceremonies and complete it during the 17 days of the real Olympics.

I searched through many different patterns trying to decide what project I could start and finish (and only using yarn I already own) in 17 days and still do my job.  *sigh*  I came up with nothing.  So I decided to have my own category of finishing a big project I have already started.

So…….I give you my “Twilight” afghan from this book.  Big needles and big yarn = fast work I hope!

I am using 2 colors of Cascade Ecological wool held together.  It is coming together quickly if I can keep the cat entertained with something other than my yarn!

I’ll give you updates every few days if I can make some progress!

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Gifts come in all shapes and sizes and are fun to give and recieve.  Here’s one I gave to my soon to be great-niece, Kalore.

She isn’t due to arrive until mid-February but the baby shower was last week.   Baby sweaters are SO fun to knit.  No fitting….fun yarn…..quick projects…..instant success!

Here’s a surprise gift for me!  My neighbor was so grateful for the help clearing the snow from his driveway after the blizzard of ’09 that he made me this….

His son had the pleasure of helping him with the installation.   I LOVE IT.

Tulip panel was recycled from another piece he had collected and it fits perfectly in my front garden.

Nature has provided the last gift…..the gift of the promise of spring.  Just when you think winter will never end….you see this and hope springs eternal!

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I try to get my gifts ready early but it always seems that a few things get put off until the last minute.

A couple of weekends ago I spent an afternoon doing this….

making these (just a few samples….11 pair in all….some were for me…!)…….

but as you can see….I had a little help…..

Aren’t I lucky?!?!??!

She was actually more interested in the caps to the bottles that hold the beads than she was the beads….lucky me!

I have also gotten a little knitting finished….

Too adorable……for my great-nephew….

Goldie also likes to play in my knitting basket….I finally got it on camera…..

Digging into the basket isn’t always enough…….

It helps to get the WHOLE body involved in the digging…….*sigh*……..it happens way too often…..

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Lost Kittens?

Ok ……so I found the mittens…..maybe it’s the kittens that are lost?!?!?!?

I’ve been doing my holiday knitting and have actually finished 6 gifts….

I think they are really cute…..

but I don’t think I’ll be knitting anymore mittens for awhile…..

need a change of scenery!

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I’ve been busy…..

Ok, so school is taking up most of my time and energy but I find myself looking forward to a bit of knitting time at the end of the day. Here’s what I’ve been working on……

This is my new finished lace project….My Cherry Leaf Shawl…

It went through many phases…..

Before blocking…

During Blocking…..

and completely, finished……and lovely…..

It’s from this book:

I’m very proud of my second beautiful lace project. It took all of my energy to not start another one immediately. I’m making myself finish some other projects….mainly Christmas gifts….before I can begin a new shawl. I’ve fallen deeply in love with knitting lace!

I’m also working on this:

It’s my “Hip to be Square” Blanket.

The squares are about 8″ square with alternating stockinette blocks…..super easy and fast…..and most importantly….mindless knitting. Perfect for an end of the day project.

I’m using up some of my stash (after being horrified watching episodes of “Hoarders“……I wanted to use is all up NOW….) and knitting with 2 strands of yarn. It’s growing fast and it’s VERY warm…..trying to decide if I want to “gift” it or save it for the next ice storm…..hmmmmmm……decisions…decisions….

(The second picture is the closest to the correct color.)

I hear my knitting calling me!  Gotta go….

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