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This week was J.W.’s first time to spend the night with me. He has come for the day several times but never overnight. So we had about 2 days to cram a LOT of stuff into!

Day 1 – By the time he got here and we went to the grocery store and had lunch….it was just too hot to do anything outside….so…..

We built things and crashed them with cars…

we played with the rocket….inside and out…

Stirred up some chocolate chip cookies dough. JW was the official dough taste tester….(we didn’t bake them until the next day)

After Supper, we went to the park and walked/explored around the “lake”

We helped this lost baby duck find his way back to his momma and siblings…

Played on the jungle gym…

(I call this his spiderman imitation!!)

When we left the park we decided we were hot and needed a snowcone to cool us off a bit….We took it home and ate it on the front porch…

Rusty joined us…and was looking rather proper!!

and finally….at 10 p.m. this happened (although this was taken the next morning….it didn’t take long for sleep to come for this busy boy!)

Day 2….

I finally had to wake him up at 7:30….so we could do as much as possible before he had to go home!

I needed to do some yard work so he helped by playing with Rusty and “fixing” my fence…

While I finished up some work in the front garden….he enjoyed the sprinkler

After He dried off….

we watched some cartoons and I baked the cookies

Then my neighbors invited us to go swimming with their grandson…So JW made a new friend!!!

JW and Jimmy

Did some twists and cannonballs…

shared our cookies…

Then we went by the house and picked up Rusty and hit the road to Kingfisher…

And this is how you know you’ve had a great time with Aunt J!!!!

Come back again J.W.!!!!!

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Marking time….

This is one of the things I do to center myself….


Banana Cranberry Bread….

These will become gifts for Bosses Day….

Pecan Cranberry Muffins….

These will be breakfast for the next few days!

Both were very tasty!

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Being Aunt J

It’s always fun getting to be the Aunt.  No responsibilities and getting to do anything we want for the day!

We started the day at the park with our new friend Ryan….In the crik…(that’s redneck for creek)

We started off with shirts….but that didn’t last long…”shirts….we don’t need no stinkin’ shirts!)


turning into turtles…



went to the pool for a while…


and became friends!

Sang the Dinosaur song (that was created on the spot)

And that was just before lunch!

Then we came home…cleaned up…went to McDonalds and had a picnic in the living room while watching a movie. We made chocolate chip cookies…entertained guests and watched another movie…(all while trying to avoid closing our eyes!

We had a GREAT time!  It’s fun being Aunt J!


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Happy Independence Day!

First, let me say that I’m extremely thankful for the service men and women and there sacrifices so that I may have the gift of choice.

I’m also celebrating my own independence.  I have proven to myself several times in the last few months that being single and independent is empowering!  (won’t get into the lonely part today)

Here’s how I spent my independence day….

Blueberry Scones….

Here’s the recipe..  I have to admit they were pretty amazing.  Scones have been on my list of things to make and I know I’ll be making them again…soon!


Also did this…

Double Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins.  Here’s the recipe….

They were almost like a dessert….which is what I’m fixing to do after I get this posted!  VERY Yummy and super easy!

(sorry…no finished pics)

and then I did this:


It seems like I’m keeping this paint brush in constant motion!  I’ve started painting trim…which I hate with a passion!  I did the doorway and window into the kitchen.  I’m waiting to see the end result here and if it turns out well, maybe I’ll get motivated to keep going.  Just 7 doors/door jambs, linen closet/drawers and floor trim in hallway and living room.  I figured this was phase 1 of 2398472 phases!


Happy 4th!

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Yes, once again it is our annual Valentine’s dinner…

The usual were in attendance…..

Pete and Lou

Bonnie and Dawn

Dawn (again…she’s not a twin…and that’s a good thing!) and Mom and Dad



Lou was very sweet and sent a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers..


I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures  of the meal but here is the  menu:

Rack of Lamb (SOOOOOO good)

Roasted Asparagus (my favorite)

Salad of my own creation:  Tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and mozzarella cheese with Olive oil/basil/Italian dressing (was very good)

Cheese Biscuits (just like the ones at red lobster)

Plain old Mashed Potatoes made with red potatoes with the skins on and extra butter (great comfort food!)

I did, however, remember to take pics of the dessert as I was making it…

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Torte

Make a brownie-like cake.. (with 1 whole cup of cocoa!!!)

next ingredient…


yes, those are peanut butter cups and yes, you use all 10 of them!!!!!!



Elroy was supervising (and no…  my house is not on fire…it’s my humidifier)

Out of the oven…


put peanut butter between the layers…with peanut butter frosting and more chocolate on top and you have death by chocolate!  It was wonderful!


Elroy was trying to eat the flowers!


Elroy entertained us after dinner playing fetch….


Again, please?!?!?!


Dawn spent the night so we had breakfast the next morning….

Short Bacon… (ask Dawn!) and blueberry pancakes… (and you can see last’s night’s dessert in the background)



I’m not going to worry about counting the millions of calories I’ve enhaled this weekend….It’s Valentine’s day and they don’t count!


Thanks Pete, for the Valentine Heart filled with Hershey’s Kisses….and Bonnie for the DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookie and Dawn for the beautiful red mug and hot cocoa mix.


It was a wonderful evening with friends and family…..Thank you for coming!


p.s.  I’m not playing favorites with Elroy…Goldie likes to hide when I have company….she’s shy!


Happy Valentine’s Day!










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When most of the world around me scurried around in the wind and cold today, going from store to store, searching for the perfect gifts….I was home BAKING my gifts.

Remember all that cookie dough I had stashed in my freezer?….well, it came out of hiding today….

I tested each batch to check quality control……

I can assure you with a great deal of confidence that they are GOOD!

I lost count of how many dozen I baked….

But my oven was in constant use for about 5 hours today…….

I think my favorite are the Red Velvet Cookies….

I baked them and then froze them……so then today all I did was scoop in the cream cheese frosting and make little cookie sandwiches…..



they are certainly very festive looking!

and believe it or not…..I don’t want to eat anymore cookies for a while..


Today’s cookies included: Red Velvet, peanut butter, Pecan Shortbread and Coconut/chocolate Pinwheels….can’t say that I could choose my favorite to eat….They were ALL good!


I bagged everything up and it’s ready to be delivered on Monday……I hope everyone likes them!

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It was another FABULOUS Thanksgiving feast for our family…..

LOTS of food…

Prepared by the best cooks you’ll find anywhere…. (which included some wild turkey killed by Hunter….we ignored the arrow holes in the breast meat…LOL)

Desserts to die for!

And best of all….GREAT company…

(somehow missed getting Mom in the picture….!)

After we put down our forks and cleaned up the dishes….we collapsed…

Wayne just had foot surgery and is enjoying all the help he gets….LOLOLOL

Shoppers getting ready for black Friday….

And here is the true sign of a GREAT Thanksgiving meal….

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There are years that I don’t bother with decorating for Christmas at all….but this year I decided to go all out….

I Bribed convinced my nephew Andy to come over and put up my outside lights.  This was actually about a week ago and he only agreed to do it that early if I agreed I would not turn them on until after Thanksgiving Day….I agreed.

It was really cold that day and kinda drizzly….but he wanted to hang them anyway…

He’s always up for a little drama! LOL

He was rewarded for his efforts….after coming in completely drenched from the weather he was fed hot Chicken and Noodles (made by me…sorta) and these…

His favorite….Peanut Butter Cookies….from my freezer.  It gave me a chance to test using frozen cookie dough balls.  It worked GREAT!!!!  I crisscrossed some of them and left some plain and the all came out PERFECT!  He went home with leftovers, baked cookies and some dough balls to put in his own freezer….and he was VERY happy!


The lights look pretty good to me!  Well worth all the cooking!

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My friend Dawn has had a difficult  year, dealing with aging parents….and I am just keeping my nose above water at school so we decided to have a play date.  We met in Guthrie, OK….at at The Boneyard Grill—which I might add is FABULOUS BBQ (sorry, no web site)

(very, very windy day…and yes, I do wear  my hair down….occasionally LOL )


Then we ventured to the Yarn Shop…..certainly a reason to drive to Guthrie….

After touching everything in the store and arguing about what color is burgundy and what color is purple….I still say the sweater was purple….We scored this yarn…



It’s beautiful….soft…..colorful….and PERFECT for a scarf for Dawn!  But my Christmas knitting will have to come first!


We did a bit of shopping and was sooooo disappointed that the store that had these boots on display was closed….



Probably for the best….we would have fought over who got to buy them…..tee hee….!


We had sooooo much fun and it was certainly a great therapy day!


After I got home I made these cookies….



Red Velvet cookies….will have cream cheese frosting sandwiched between too cookies when I give them away….


The recipe is SUPER easy….got it from Bakerella…just take a red velvet cake mix….stir in a stick of butter and 2 eggs….

scoop them out on your cookie tray (and I ALWAYS use parchment paper under the cookies….bakes great and no clean up)


Can’t wait to get them out of the freezer and add the frosting!


Now I’m off to Thanksgiving with the family….photos will be taken!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!








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More Cookies!

So….this weekend I continued my cookie dough making/freezing….

I made some Pecan Shortbread Cookies….my favorites but have never been happy with the ones I make…..hope these come out well!

Instead of  little dough balls….these will be slice and bake cookies…I made a double batch with gave me 4 logs. (about 2 doz. cookies)

There is…however….something inherently wrong with a carton of eggs being sold in a NEON PINK carton…..geez! (looks purple here but trust me it’s PINK!!!)

I also made another batch of Peanut Butter cookies…

Why another batch you ask?  Here’s why….

I got a GREAT deal on a #5 tub of extra crunch peanut butter….I know you’re jealous 🙂

I made some of my famous Oatmeal/Craisin/Pecan cookies.  I will definitely have to make a second batch of these…

I have a built in-four-legged cleaning system while I cook….

The only problem is that with her vision issues…she can’t see where I am…so she CONSTANTLY walks in front of EVERY step I take…..it’s sad and maddening all at the same time.

Next….banana bread, pumpkin bread, banana-cranberry bread……yummmmmm!

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